Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Wisdom of Mothers

Or if we are talking about my mom, for the purposes of my blog, we will just call her “Jared.”

Because once, like three years ago, by brother-in-law Jared used my mom’s computer and now she can’t leave me a comment on my blog without it saying “Jared”. I could fix this for her, but then it wouldn’t be funny when she left me comments and I like things to be funny.

Anyway, I’m sure I should have called a re-draw when my first blog give-away went to my mom, but I can’t! First of all, 7/8ths of you were going to be disappointed anyway, and secondly, I have all these gems of wisdom rattling around in my head that my mom has recently given me so she probably deserves a little sugar! (and a little less complaining from her middle child right about now.)

Since I don’t want to leave you all empty handed, I have two unrelated nuggets of wisdom to throw to the wolves calling foul! I know it’s not as good as cookies, but it is possible they might interest you long enough that “Jared” can enjoy her treats in peace.

The first was in response to my blog about blogging, and basically about my apologizing on behalf of my generation to her generation about the whole bloggin’ thing. I’m going to paraphrase here, but I remember it like this:

“My generation shocked and embarrassed my mom’s generation, the same way you’re generation shocks and embarrasses my generation.”

Cool, right?! But wait, it goes on…

“At the end of the day, my mom’s generation and all the generations before hers were filled with co-dependent communities because it had to be that way for survival. I think blogging is your generations answer for finding and belonging to communities. In a world where communities don’t form themselves out of necessity, your generation is choosing to form them.”

Well said, mom, if I do say (and write it down) myself! I’m not going to expound, because it makes my wheels spin and I could really carry on for hours on how unwittingly wise I am by blogging.

Which brings me to the other gift my mom gave me the other day. A word: Ferocious.

She said I am a “Ferocious Mom”.

I think I was probably lamenting how sometimes I worry that I hurt or rejoice or just react on Russell’s behalf more than I should. Some parent’s just seem so okay with ADHD or medicine… or the first day of kindergarten, or first kisses, or prom, or college or marriage! You know, life in general stuff that makes me want to hurl myself off a bridge. I can’t even get CLOSE to okay. I mean, I know I’m going to do what needs to be done, even when that means surrendering to the Will Of The Universe, or even allowing Russell to hurt when I could fix it, but why do I have to FEEL it all so keenly?

And that’s when my mommy told me I come from a Ferocious Family, and I am a Ferocious Mom.

Raising Ferocious Children.

Mothers and daughters. It’s a trip, huh? Because, “Jared”? Sometimes you make me so CRAZY! And then you go and use your mommy mojo and now I’m sending you cookies and writing you public love letters…

On my BLOG…

It must be said, even if it embarrasses you on the internet: I love you, mom!


Oh, and can I have $10? I need to buy cookies for my friends on the internet.


Lorraine said...

this is great. though by ferocious, I think she means how she makes fun of us sometimes when we're wallowing in something retarded. Dan does that too. I bet Zeke will. It's a wicked gene thing. Ferocious and wicked. Love you "Jared" and Miss Rae of Sunshine :)

Carly said...

:). and cheers to ferocious mommas.

Jared said...

this still is not jared, except for the rare occasion of winning the cookie lottery. cool, now i LOVE blogs!! thank you for all of the very nice things you said in such a very public forum, ha. i would write more but i have to lie down and sleep off my most-delicious-cookies-i-ever-ate fest. LOVE YOU and am very proud of my little girl.

Andrea said...

I guess that I don't resent Jared for getting the cookies anymore :)