Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stop! Don’t turn on the whites!

I’m not ready!

What is happening today?!

My funny, fantastic, five year old has a front chomper dangling from a thread in his mouth as he heads off to his preschool graduation, while my tiny, terrific two year old wanders around the house saying things like,

“Go way. Not right now.”

“Ruzzo go pee-pee in the baffroom.”

and “Wook! I turn on the whites!”

Which is bizarre because a week ago all she wanted to say was “Mine” and “Choc-whit.”

Meaning chocolate.

Because she takes after her muther.

Oh! And don’t forget the other day when she ‘spanked’ Jon because he said “no” when it was time for bed and she wanted to sit on his lap instead. She womped his leg with a tiny pink fist then flew into a centuries perfected two year old rage… which landed her in the time-out tent, where, after screaming for about thirty seconds, she launched into this:

“Daddy, wap! No, no, no! No goodnight! I wap, and no hit daddy, and my bwanket, and my tent, and no, NO, hit daddy, and sorry. So Sorry. Pwease wap, pwease mommy. I be nice, so nice!”

I’m not kidding.

It kind of totally freaked me out. In a good way, I guess.

ANYWAY, I have a point, and my point is:

Russell Graduated Preschool Today!!

And today? We celebrate! And I wonder where my babies went… and then we celebrate some more! Because Friday? Friday is gonna be rough. I’m not going to go into it again, I think I’ve bent your ears enough over how sad we are to see Cottage Preschool close it’s doors forever. I can just say that however much I try to prepare, the actual Friday is going to be a tear jerker.

But that’s Friday.

Today? IS WEDNESDAY! Graduation Day! And I just got home from the ceremony! And I have pictures :)


Those are the flowers and vases Russell and I made for his teachers, and also the ribbon I made for Russell to wear today. Before you ask, no I didn’t make it from scratch, but I did “design” it at the little kiosk in Michaels, and put it together at home. Can I just say? Check it out! I had a 20% off coupon so it probably cost 8 bucks, but I got to pick all the layers, the message, the ribbon, and the streamers, so I still felt like I was giving him something that was ‘just’ for him. I like that handmade touch, but sometimes I don’t have ‘handmade’ time!

I also put a little note with the teachers flowers, it’s SO cheesy I should probably spare you, but I actually worked harder on getting what I wanted to say on the little note just right, more than I did on everything else. And cheesy or not, I really meant it:

“May your flowers always bloom in the sunshine the way my sweet boy bloomed at Cottage Preschool.”


I know. I’m a sap. More Pictures!!


Happy Wednesday, people.


Lorraine said...

how did my two year old graduate from pre-school???


make him stop growing please!

Stefanie said...

Wow where did that time go? What a handsome little man! Sorry about the school though :( I'm sure there'll be another perfect school and perfect teachers for him. P.S. That pic of Jon and the kids is classic! Alice is still thumbs up, but more interested in the cookie.

Brookelyn said...

Oh what sweet pictures and sweet ways to say, Yes I did it. I graduated from preschool, thank you for guiding me on my way!

And I love your skirt/outfit. Love it! So glad the day was flowers and sunshine.

See you here again on Friday. Love you

Andrea said...

Those vases and flowers are so sweet! Congratulations Russell!!! I am so proud of him (and you too)!