Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Royal Giveaway!

Hey, you know how the world stage always seems full of war and mayhem and tragedy? Well, for about 2 hours at 3AM tomorrow morning, a couple billion people are going to be thinking about the same thing, and it won’t be sad. It will be JUICY! With gossip and tradition and <sigh> true love! Probably. At least they have stuck with each other for this long so, at the very least, they really like each other, right? Anyway, I would like to participate with that :)

I sent out an invite to email addresses that I have, but if I don’t have yours, here is one we can share: (click on it)

Royal Wedding

So, what’s the giveaway? Well, either send me a picture of your midnight snack in the next 24 hours, or leave me a comment on this post between 2 and 4 AM on Friday the 29th and you will be entered to win…

are you ready for this?


Not any old scones, how does Orange Chocolate Chip scones from Liddy’s Delight sound? Fresh from your own oven! Or, maybe I should ask, how do they look?


I have had these.

I think I shared a piece with Jon. He was probably standing there drooling and it would have been rude if I hadn’t. Next time I make them I’m going break into a friends house when they are out of town, so I can be alone, and only leave behind the aroma of something so delicious it could make you cry.

Darn it, now I’m hungry!

Happy Royal Watching and Good Luck!


Lorraine said...

blah blah comment, weddeing, 3:33 am and whatever,,,,

Carly said...

so I LOVE the idea of a party, just couldn't ever in forever could I get up like that. so I am watching my dvr version like 20 times today. and those scones look to die for. so sad I am so sleepy.

Andrea said...

That does look really yummy, too bad I didn't check my email or blogs for a few weeks and see the invite :(
(But really, I think you already know me well enough to know that had I "attended" it would have been purely for the sake of the scone, because I still have yet to even watch news of the wedding let alone the event itself. But I would have gotten up at 2:30 to leave a comment for that scone...)