Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Did I ever tell you about the time I was standing in my cap and gown at the independent study center, anxiously watching the on duty ‘teacher’ grading my last English assignment? It was the same assignment my 10 year old little sister had just helped me finish in the car and I needed to get at least a C on it in order to continue on my way to graduation. From highschool.

No? Really? Gosh, I just can’t imagine why I wouldn’t have wanted to share that on this totally public forum sooner.

Anyway, I bring it up because after last night, I suddenly can’t decide if that is more or less embarrassing than the fact that I just found out that “they’re” is a word.


I have no idea how this has escaped me, but I think it could have something to do with the stellar education I got from independent study. Or maybe I should say the stellar education my little sister got from my independent study.

‘There’ is a word.

“There’s a snake in my boot!”

‘Their’ is also a word!

“Their toys were all made in China.”

Ah! Now I understand why I’m always getting hung up on “there'” and “their” when it doesn’t feel right. There is totally another “they’re”!

I just finished compiling my favorite posts for my Last Blog and Testament (YAY!), also known as my new “favorite/popular posts” tab called “In Case I Die” (yes, I am amused by myself). While doing this I ran across a comment from kateastrophe, under which she left another comment bemoaning her total humiliation at having used the wrong “their/they’re” in her previous comment. And I was all, “what? Is that true?”

“Hey, Jon? Is ‘they’re’ a word?”

“A word for what?”

“For, you know, for THEM. For their. For THEY? They ARE?!”

“Um, yes? I don’t understand what you are asking me.”

No kidding. To his credit, when he finally figured out my malfunction he didn’t mock me too badly.

Also, I might need Lorraine to get on a flight STAT and tell me how many of my English assignments she actually did and anything else I may have missed. And I’m sorry if reading my blog has ever made your eyes bleed. I am the first to admit that punctuation is the bane of my blogging existence, and the more I write the more I learn what I never really learned! Which is a lot!

(hey, at least I didn’t type “alot”)

(I’m looking at you, dad.)

UPDATE: before Lorraine even knew I was writing this, she sent me this message about yesterdays post


12:35 PM Lorraine: morn= mourn. i ALWAYS mispell this one too, but I thought I'd tell you, because I would want YOU to tell ME if I spelled something wrong on my blog. otherwise, awesome post. I also cried when I heard about the restrepo director.

12:40 PM me: did I only type it the once?

12:41 PM Lorraine: twice :D

12:44 PM me: where is the second one?

Lorraine: both in the same paragraph, "I morn with the families" etc

I also "mourn" with humanity

12:45 PM me: gah. i think i got them all

12:46 PM Lorraine: haha sorry. I feel like a jerk now


Yeah, well, you are a jerk, you stole my high school education. And I think you might be part owner of my diploma. Oh, and you misspelled “misspell.”

I only know that because spell check told me so.


Aimee said...

Eye allso rote yore english werk so yew culd graguate. Ewe shuld give credits were creditz are do.

Sharron said...

i am the luckiest ma in the world to have three such fabulous and *most importantly* hilarious daughters. you all make me laugh out loud here at my little computer where i learned how to abandon all punctuation and capitalization. i love you all ALOT. (i only learned a couple of months ago that was wrong, so i think you mean me, not dad. at least you haven't been writing 'morn' for 50 years...)

Lorraine said...

I can't believe you let Aimee find out that I misspelled "misspell"!!! The blogosphere is one thing, but THE SMART SISTER????


If you ever need a really easy reference example for "they're", a good one is Carrie:

"They're all going to laugh at you! They're all going to laugh at you!"

padruss said...

arh you all stewpid? Eye Which ewe ahl wood thank a bout hows dump ewe cound win ewe tale pepal whats ewe arh thanking a bout en ewe'r brians. Eye brung ewe uhp betar then thes. Gev mi ah brake!


Kateastrophe said...

I guess I am proud that my error caused your enlightenment.

And I suck at punctuation use way too many commas and exclamation points. And I'm pretty sure I write run-on sentences and my paragraphs are not actually real paragraphs. And I probably end sentences in prepositions except I don't know what that is because I dumped the information from my brain the second I got a decent enough score on the ACT to get into college...where I re-learned how to write correctly freshman year and then immediately dumped that information as well to make room for MORE MUSICAL THEATRE LYRICS.

Sadly, all of that has been replaced by the GoDaddy jingle because I have to hear it like ten times a day while I do my work.

Go me.

Brookelyn said...


Just in case you missed that one too;)

Andrea said...

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And "your" mom is no longer Jared?