Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Setting the bar a little high…

It starts with a girl.


And a birthday.


And an eight page hand made card.


From a boy


There is face painting.


Balloon hats and swords!


A bounce house…


and an  ALICE size house!


Needless to say, this is going to be an awesome slideshow. As for myself? I can’t believe the picture below exists --->


They almost look like real people! Where did the babies go?!

Um, I mean, Happy Birthday Lauren!

Now take your delicious five year old mitts off my boy because he can date when he’s THIRTY. 

Hey, I’m not alone here! I’m pretty sure Lauren’s dad is going to be making this face many times as the droves of gentleman suitors knock down his door as Lauren grows up:


Now enjoy these pictures and the slideshow while I go cry in my root beer and console myself with the fact that, even though I’m no longer the only love of Russell’s life, as long as it’s looks like we are going to be related someday, at least Lauren’s family is totally awesome.




Lorraine said...

I remember when me and Russell's nanny were his girlfriends. He's left his help harem behind for a real woman. I'm veclempt. I'm gonna have to go sob into my pillow. right away.

Andrea said...

It looks like he has fabulous taste in women, she is such a cutie!