Thursday, March 10, 2011

Saved by Cutie Pie

So, even though I had “wallowing in self pity” on my calendar for today, I was actually able to make a lot of productive headway with phone calls. A bunch with my insurance, a few with several pediatric neurology clinics, and even a pretty long one with a best girlfriend! Whew, I needed that!

By the time 3:30 rolled around, even though I still had enough Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer to make it a few more hours, I found I had enough umph to suck it up and ditch the Pity Party Zone for a long standing playdate with the girl Russell is “going to marry, mom.” And who am I to tempt the wrath of an almost five year old potential daughter in law?

So a few things just went so very right today, but I hope it’s okay with Stephanie if I share with you the highlight of my day. Stephanie is Lauren’s mom. Lauren is not only a great chum, but the afore mentioned beloved of my enamored son. So, besides seeing Stephanie who just makes me feel cheerful, she immediately recounted a conversation that she had with Lauren that thrilled me so much, it made me do a giggling dance right in front of all the other moms.

Lauren was asking her mom what her dad’s job was called again? She knew it was ‘financial’ something, but what was it? Stephanie told her he is a Financial Advisor, and someday maybe she could do that too if she wanted, to which Lauren told her emphatically “no” because

“When I grow up, in the mornings I am going to spend time with Russell, and we are going to ride horses, and in the afternoons I am going to be a Veterinarian.”

(pause for more giggling)

(in my quiet house)

(sitting in front of my computer as Jon looks over at me from across the room and wonders if I’ve finally totally lost it)

Whatever, as long as there is pie, how can I complain?


Caroline Kingsley said...

Cute post. Gotta love young love. Happy sigh.

And tell Jon he has impeccable music taste lol I love LOVE the Avett Brothers. Great lyricists. Went to their concert in Park City last year.

Andrea said...

How sweet! I love puppy love (but I hate that kids smell like wet puppies after they play outside in the spring). I am sorry that things have been so tough. And that I haven't read your blog in the past week to know the extent of what you have been going through. I am glad that you have so many friends that have been able to provide you with great resourses. I love you, and if there is anything I can do for you let me know.