Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ok, here we go, since having a tantrum on the internet about my oh so hard life, I have been referred to 3 amazing practices, been suggested a host of supplements that are working for PEOPLE I ACTUALLY KNOW (as opposed to a friend-of-a-friend that read this thing on the internet once), and been overwhelmed by the general support of the obviously cool people who would take the time to check out my little space of the internet.

Thank you. And you, too.

Oh crap, the time stamp on this post is going to give me away! Yeah, there has not been a lot of sleeping going on for me lately, but I am feeling more hopeful that things are about to fall into place if I can just get with the right doctor. You know, one that is smart, but doesn’t make me feel like I’m dumb. Or a science experiment. For example, the doctor we just took Russell too told me that he may not have ADD, maybe I just need to get his attention, speak clearly, and consistently require him to follow through with my request. I don’t know if I can explain why that really chaps my hide. That is a great suggestion, no? And I know that in general as a parents we can feel defensive when anyone is critical of how we go about it, but I think what is hard for me with psychologist after psychologist (i.e. why you really have to shop around) is, I wish I could get a little credit out of the gate just for being there. I know they don’t have a million years to ask me everything I’ve tried, but he didn’t ask me ANYTHING we’ve tried. And guess what, buddy? The fact that I am as relentlessly patient, clear, and consistent with Russell as he is relentlessly and consistently pushing the boundaries, is one of the reasons I. AM. HERE.  He started with me like it was parenting 101 and I was the pregnant teenager. Listen, I don’t have a handle on this parenting thing, and Mrs. D can tell me to do ANYTHING, and I’ll do it… but she treats me like she knows I am already trying.

Did I ever tell you about the time after Russell was kicked out of his first preschool (and I had a seven day old baby at home)? Well, I took him to this woman who assured me over the the phone that she absolutely works with children, and when we got there she had this five foot tall bookshelf filled with hundreds of tiny action figures and trucks and princesses… and he wasn’t allowed to touch them. Like, they weren’t for touching! And the damn bookshelf went all the way to the floor FILLED WITH SHINY TREASURES and I had to hold a thrashing three and half year old for 40 minutes, and at the end she told me that based on her observations I was going to need to hire in-home psychiatric care for him. Yeah, I needed in-home psychiatric care to stop myself from pummeling her with thousands of tiny shiny toys before I left.

And that’s not the worst story I have! And that’s not even including the stories I have from my own childhood! I went to this one lady for over a year whose name was Dr. Burger and she had a wart on her chin with a hair growing out of it that I could have lit like a fuse and had plenty of time to get out of the room before her head exploded. I spent hours with that lady! She was very good, very smart, very unattractive and very boring. I don’t make up the facts, I just share them as my eleven year old memories present them!

Okay, I’m going to bed, but I did want to throw some of these great links up here or tomorrow I will see something shiny and I’ll never get it done. (be prepared to pause the handsome doctor, especially if it’s 1am at your house and you forgot the volume is all the way up!)


Good night! Or morning. What’s the rule on that? I’m going to sleep now, I hope you already are! (that’ll do)

UPDATE: We are going to see Dr. Stein this week! You better believe I called around, but I‘ll tell you what, a doctor sets the tone for an office, and when office manager Amy spent over half an hour with me on the phone (just telling me how her 17 year old ADHD son is alive and well, and that I’m at the beginning of this thing and there is so much more information now, and how much she likes Dr. Stein) well, it’s nice to know you are dealing with an OFFICE that cares about your success.  When you are looking for the people who are going to be part of the team that helps you get your kids to adulthood, you want them to sound like Amy. That’s all.

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