Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Your Order Is Ready…

Hello, Wednesday! I’m so glad to see you! I know I’ve gotten some good pictures lately, but between the hills and valley’s, I haven’t had a chance to share them. Now that it’s time, I might even be a little giddy! I just compiled the pictures I’ve been saving and when I saw them all together, well? I am not sure I can drag,drop and publish quick enough!!  :) 

No slideshow today, but if you want a theme song I have spent the last few weeks communing with my personal anthem Be Calm by Fun. Even my children know the words! I like it when Alice belts out the melody with her own strange language and Russell hangs his head in his hands and sings “Can’t you see I’m losing my mind? This time I think it’s for real!” then tilts his head up and smirks at me because he knows he’s rad.

So let’s go!

Hmmm… let’s start with something blurry so we can be clear about something; these pictures may not be worthy of National Geographic or even entertain you very much, but what they do do, is feed my soul spoons full of sugar! Yeah, I just said doo-doo.


That is Alice and her Uncle Dan! That is Alice making her “say cheese” face. That is Alice behaving as though she’ll let anyone hold her when she TOTALLY DOES NOT. That is Uncle Dan the baby whisperer.

And THIS is me and his wife:


Schloit! Lois Lane! Mimi Moon Face! (aka Aunt Lorraine!) Cooking with ME in my kitchen! We didn’t even get them for a full day, but we still managed to fit in all the important stuff. Like cooking. And EATING:


Pioneer Woman Breakfast bowls. Look it up and get fat with us :)

And oh, OH! You want to see a picture of me in my jammies? No?!

What about Alice in my jammies?…

…My 29 year old jammies?


That’s right, those were mine in all their green terry clothed, bell bottomed, popped collared glory! And that expression? She totally ‘snailed’ it! I think I might be raising myself (minus the biting) (hopefully).

What’s that you say? Alice can’t take a bad picture? Well feast your eyes on this, keeping in mind those are cute mormon missionaries that she is failing to impress:


Yup, that’s my girl.

So where’s my boy? Hey, I know you saw this picture in the western slide show, but holy crap I LOVE THIS KID!! And these pictures of him –>

A Cowboy and Rodeo QueenRussell shoots a varmitfrom donkeys to Mules in a day

I know! Totally encore worthy. 

Oh, and while we are speaking of loving Russell. This is Lauren:


He made her a gigantic Valentine and wears a bracelet she made him everywhere we go. In between crying I am so glad he has found such a nice friend… and I guess I’m glad she is so cute… and I’m pretty glad her mom is sort of totally fantastic… I just can’t figure out how I gave birth to him yesterday and I already have to share!

I’m just saying.

And this is Aimee!!


I love that picture. In fact, I have a slideshow in the works about the most recent visit we had with the Baltimore cousins, but I had to pull this picture out for you because that? Is my sister! Taking a picture of her sister, who is taking a picture of her sister. And we are moms who take a lot of pictures because the children we gave birth to yesterday are getting all gigantic and we have to slow it down somehow, even if it’s just with a camera.

Sort of like this picture of Sylvie and Alice:


…and the thing in that picture that makes me pee in my mom jeans?

IMG_1296 (21)

More fat pink baby fingers than you could eat in one sitting! Intertwined FAT PINK BABY FINGERS. I feel like the giant at the top of the beanstalk because I think I can SMELL those delicious babies when I look at that picture.

Not that they always smell so great, no matter what the packaging seems to promise.


That’s okay. I will put up with a lot more than construction worker smells to have a friend like Alice!

Alright, that’s the (long overdue) show! I’m off to pick the kid up from school, but as I go I would just like to say that I wish you all a very



Hope it’s a good one :)


Aimee said...

You're the nicest middle sister EVER!!! I have to send you MY pic of you taking a pic now!

Stefanie said...

I didn't think it was possible but your kids are getting cuter.

Andrea said...

All of these are my favorite pictures, but my very favorite is the one full of all of those baby fingers! Too sweet!