Saturday, February 19, 2011


Last week after Valentines Day, Russell and I were driving home from the store when suddenly after a sort of lengthy silence he solemnly declared ”Mom? You make my heart beep.”


No kidding, when I am done swooning I am going to SEW THAT immediately.

Then today I made Russell so mad, my gosh! He was really mad! As he stormed past me he turned at the last second to look me dead in the eyes and called me a fungus!! I was floored! “Russell, did you just call me a fungus?!” He could tell I was sort of delighted, and possibly making fun of him, but he stood his ground and told me “yeah, because you are ROTTEN!!” Fortunately at this point even he couldn’t keep the smile out of his voice because I was so clearly thrilled with what an excellent insult that is for a five year old kid to come up with.

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Andrea said...

"You're a fungus!" has to be the best 5 year old insult in the history of 5 year old insults. I LOVE it!!