Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey Sucker!

Would you like one? It’s Valentines :)


They turned out cute, huh? They were fun to make, but getting Russell to hold his arm up so we could take that picture was the tricky part! It sounded like this: “No, no. Up higher. To the left… other left. Left is a direction… just move your arm to the side. NO, too far. Back. Now UP… Now smile like you mean it!”

Well, I don’t actually have to tell you that.

I can just show you!! :)


and viola!

All things considered, I think it turned out GREAT. I added some graphics, printed them at costco, then Russell and I trimmed the tops, punched the sides and stuck the suckers in through his fist.


And I agree with Russell. Happy Valentines Day, friends!!


Lorraine said...

not only is this delightfully adorable, but Russell and Dan definitely have exactly the same haircut. actually, they now look freakishly alike. cool! we ARE related!!!!

Andrea said...

Those are the coolest Valentine cards that I have ever seen! (I think you should have used the picture in the second row in the middle though, because it is awesome. Yeah yeah, he doesn't have the "traditional" smile on his face like he actually likes the person he is giving the valentine to, but it is my favorite. Like he is saying "Here, take this sucker. Hurry up and take it already.") You are too creative :-)

LM said...

OK, I am almost done belly laughing...almost. He is adorable!

Aimee said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again--are you sure you don't want to raise my children? You are the mother of all holiday mothers! ADORABLE!!!!