Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saddle Up!

Poor Jon, last week he had to have people stick knives in his nose!

This surprises me because in our family we have a long standing rule to NOT stick knives in our noses. When my sister Lorraine was Alice size she went under the water in Lake Powell and nine year old Aimee yanked her out and saved her! Really! It was awesome entertainment to the sister watching from the sidelines in my rainbow bikini. Anyway, that night over a spaghetti dinner in the camper we began discussing kid safety; don’t go in the water alone, don’t take candy from strangers, look both ways… the usual. Then, for whatever reason, in a moment of pause while Aimee and I raced to think of other things we weren’t allowed to do (but probably wanted too)…. Lorraine’s 3 year old solemn contribution came out:

“NEVER stick a knife up your nose.”

Poor Jon, he knows that family story and yet it couldn’t be avoided. When your nose has been broken a few times in your old wild Navy days, at some point if you would like to breath out of both your nostrils you will have ignore the sage wisdom of your then 3 year old sister in law.

Fortunately for Russell and Alice this meant a day at the farm with Papa and Gramma! And you think I have a slideshow? You better BELIEVE I have a slideshow! And not a moment too soon; I need something to purge all the images I have in my head of how freakin’ gross the inside of my husbands face is. When they pulled the packing out of his nose I think it must have gone all the way into his brain. It was a like a clown car! I thought it would never end…

Gross, gross, GROSS!!! Hurry, click below to role the slide show!!



Lorraine_in_Spain said...

what, no gross pictures of Jon's face???
but the kids are adorable.

Lorraine_in_Spain said...
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Erin said...

What? It wouldn't let me watch the video. Blocked on copyright grounds?!? I just wanna see your babies!

Brookelyn said...
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Brookelyn said...

Ok I saw it. So cute. Loved it! How fun.... still would like to see Jon's face :)

Andrea said...

I would totally let Jon stick knives up his nose again if it meant we got to see more videos! I LOVE IT!! So stinkin' cute!
Oh yea, feel better Jon.