Saturday, January 1, 2011

If the genes fit, wear ‘em.

Hey, Happy 1st day of the 1st month of the two zero 11 year! We have spent pretty much our entire Christmas break either working our butt’s off cleaning and organizing the house (donate, donate, DONATE), or not removing our butt’s from the living room for hours at a time playing games and watching trashy tv. And when ‘Hoarders’ get’s over, we jump up again and finish going through those boxes in the garage! We’re pretty much done so watch out 2011, here we come…

We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve at the Wild Animal Park and I have some SPECTACULAR pictures to share, but first,


first: I wanted to take a separate post to present my new current fave picture of the babies --->


I simply can’t get over this picture. If you want to know about the winning lottery ticket of my life, this picture is it. If you want to know about the trouble in my life, this is it. If you want to know what I go to sleep dreaming about, and wake up with in my face? THAT is it.

Yes, it deserved it’s own post. Now stay tuned for pictures of lion poop! I know, gross. Maybe after you see it you can tell me how are we supposed to teach our kids that potty talk isn’t funny when they are presented with turds a snow shovel would not accommodate. Sheesh!


Carly said...

hehe...more poop than a snow shovel scoop, my kids would LOVE that. no fair, new year's in cali. is it purge season? us too...cleaned out the garage today. we can now get to our potatoes. off to the mall to shop the sales. miss you guys. the momma the most. btw, st. george store is ours eff jan. 15th. is the middle of feb sometime good for you guys? what can Jon's work schedule do?

LM said...

Nothing like a little Hoarders to make you want to clean every corner of your home...and throw everything away!