Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I can’t sleep.

Lately when this happens, I don’t want to turn on the tv or get into a book, but I don’t want to just stare at the wall either so I have been trying to wind down by doing something very dangerous…

and weird.

I have been stalking Polly Pocket on eBay. I wish I could tell you it was something more mature, like when my mother was sort of an e-bay master at finding wonderful old painted Mexican pottery. Or even something related to my sewing like seeking out vintage metal and wooden embroidery hoops.

But no, I usually start out on Etsy, to see what vintageaimee and lmoss have added to their favorites today (I can get lost there clicking from one thing to the next), but somehow I always end up back on eBay looking at teeny tiny plastic houses and the teeny tiny Polly’s that live in them.

I can’t describe, ok, wait, just…. well let me say this… Polly was AWESOME. Do you remember? Like how much fun the Polly houses are even if you don’t have a Polly doll? I mean the little moving pieces, doors, cupboards, toilets that a fat pink baby can open and close with her chubby fingers, and then you give her a Polly?! … It’s like I can see her block out the world as everything funnels down into the teeny pastel universe of Polly’s Pizza Pie Shop.

And we have enough. I don’t even want to buy more! I’m actually a little crazy about not having too much STUFF taking up breathing and living space in my house… but I can’t stop looking.  It’s like a hobby to watch the prices, to see what is out there… I think the fact that they don’t make them anymore makes it interesting to me, the fact that the Polly’s in America are different from the ones they made for Japan, which are different from the ones in Great Britain.  I watch, and sometimes I am tempted because something is flying under the radar for $.99 and I wonder how the seller can even justify the time they spend wrapping and shipping…

OH! OH! So back in December when I was buying a few Polly’s (where the addiction of the hunt began) and I spent a whopping $5 bucks on this very cool Polly wedding/castle heart shaped, you know, thing. I’m not kidding, it came in the MOST intensive wrapping I have ever received. Like, ever! Okay, how do I describe this? Layer one was brown paper, under that was OLD WALL PAPER that had been taped around a sticker covered cardboard box that when opened was filled with bright magenta tissue that was also filled with HAND APPLIED star stickers, and inside that was a meticulous hand written greeting card thanking me for my purchase and blessing me and my family, followed by a small package encased in bubble wrap that, when removed, revealed a perfectly wrapped gift, complete with bow and more star stickers. When I finally opened that, I found my little funny Polly heart box complete with tiny bride and groom that she TIED together with a piece of silver ribbon. Did I mention I paid $7 dollars for shipping and it actually was post marked for around $11? I emailed her and offered to pay the difference, and of course gave glowing reviews for the wrapping. It was like a party in a box!

I mean, people are crazy, (some more than others), but wouldn’t you rather be crazy nice, instead of crazy stinky, or crazy mean?

So, yeah, speaking of crazy, this Polly thing has to stop. And I think I know how to do it, last night, in my usual Polly wanderings I ran into a website devoted to Ms. Polly and all things tiny and plastic where she could live. While I was there I stumbled on the fan gallery page and found these pictures of personal collections:

collec1maren1SUZI_MG_0817bPolly Bling 2joancoll3

…and I think I was cured. Although I think the homemade backdrop for the Polly houses is kind of genius, and if I went into some old cranky lady’s house and saw her Polly’s proudly displayed beside her finest china, I think I would instantly like her more.

Needless to say, I am outing myself here so from now on I know I am being watched and if Mrs. Liebig next door see’s any more ‘leetle’ packages showing up on my doorstep she is totally allowed to call me out. 

And I’m going to turn off the computer after I post this. Really!


Lorraine_in_Spain said...

so, how long did you stay on ebay after writing this? No more than an hour, but no less than 45 minutes.

Aimee said...

Hoarders, Polly Pocket edition: "One full sized house is bursting at the seams with tiny plastic houses. How will her family convince her it's time to turn her attention back to real people?" I'm glad to see you're already sufficiently wary of such a fate.