Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

My sister just sent this to me:


Yup, that’s my birthday, but no that’s not my car. I think this means you can all buy me really extravagant presents because your money will all be dust the next day!

I wonder what time? I hope I have time to open all my gifts. And I hope this is wrong or when I die I think they will bring this blog post up at the judgment bar and I might be in for a hot eternity. Even on my birthday! Sheesh.



LM said...

Hey...my birthday is May 28th...I guess we don't need to bother getting gifts or dinner reservations... ;)

Andrea said...

That means I will have to experience 31 for few weeks. I would rather remain eternally 30.

Brookelyn said...

I'm not entirely sure how I stalk your blog and missed THIS! oh, I always knew you had a direct line to God. And when the new episode of Star Wars was released on my birthday, I took it as a direct compliment to how much I mattered in the universe... BUT THIS! This is good. This could beat Star Wars in the grand scheme of things... it could.
I'm so glad we're besties forever!