Friday, January 7, 2011

Four Hundred Thousand

and counting!

the internet is so weird. One of my best girls put this 15 second video of her ceiling fan on youtube just so she could put it on her blog…. suddenly they started getting comments and when she told me about it yesterday it had a quarter of a million hits. This morning? Over four hundred thousand!

Andrea, too bad you’re such a good housekeeper, you could have sold the dust off the blades! And I think it’s kind of weird that an inanimate object in your house is more famous that anyone else I’ve ever known. Well except the Osmond's, but at least I’m am happy to admit I knew your ceiling fan before it was famous.

Oh and possessed.


Lorraine_in_Spain said...

aaaaaahahahahhahahahhaaaa that ended up being much funnier than I thought it would be!!!!

Andrea said...

Between us and someone else who re-uploaded the video, we have hit about a million now! People make me laugh...