Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What every gamer nerd husband wants for his birthday.

A gamer nerd for a wife! That’s right, have we talked about this here yet?

My name is Alissa, I’m 31, a mom, I sew, I sing, I bake… oh and I play computer games. And xbox. And I just bought myself a t-shirt that says I heart heart half-heart Zelda.


So anyway, for Jon’s birthday we were lucky to snag tickets to see Joel McHale a few weeks ago, and it was such a completely hysterical event that I think it could cure cancer. Or at least make us completely forget we are parents for an hour and a half. That is until he started into his jokes about family life since he has a kid now, and we were those people, the ones laughing louder and harder than anyone else, but we couldn’t stop! Joel understood.

But today is Jon’s actual birthday and I wanted him to have something to open in addition to the several items that are made entirely out of spray painted macaroni that the kids keep EATING despite threats of violence and/or vomiting… although my gift is also hand made. It might not be as cool as the “ninja vase” Russell made, but I like it:


… and not only is it awesome (trust me, it is) but I’m not guessing here! I knew he would love this because we played the game that quote comes from together! Like a couple gamer nerds! But here is the thing, I would not suggest anyone reading this become a gamer, but I do suggest anyone reading this PLAY THIS GAME:


I don’t care who you are, how old (or young) you are. It’s not violent, it’s not hard to learn, it’s not part of a series (yet :) it is simply the best computer game ever. Ever. EVER.

Russell plays it, we play it, it was named the best game by every game site ever. Probably. At least I know a lot of them did.

Oh, and I mean, Happy Birthday Jon! (he won’t mind I derailed, gamer husbands like it when their wives take a blog post to talk about a computer game… so really this is part of his present :)

And Happy Birthday to my seester AIMEE!! For your birthday we are sending you a link for a free copy of an awesome game, maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s called PORTAL! Love you!



Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you two gamer nerds have a competitive night!

Brookelyn said...

I LOVE it! And umm... my birthday will come some time, can I have a free link to the game too????? Well actually I've already decided to spend my entire week off of work playing this game and making a quilt. That's it.

Happy Birthday Jon and thanks for being her Jon and always being there to make fun of me :)
Love you both

Kaytie said...

I am so incredibly jealous of your seeing Joel McHale! Glad it was so fun!
Oh...and happy birthday your your husband who I did not meet on a plane but I'm sure is awesomely fantastic!