Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tea For Two

Yup. I even made a sign:


That’s right! My Fat Pink Baby is now a Lean Pink Toddler Machine! We followed the rule for party guests that says you should invite as many people as the birthday your celebrating, so for Alice, that would be TWO and we were pleased to have Riley and Kaitlyn over for ‘Tea’  … or Greek food and cupcakes. I can’t believe I forgot to actually serve any kind of tea! I thought about it, but like most thoughts, it was nice that it came to visit, but it left too quickly to make an impact.

I forgive myself, because LOOK! at this party:2820 (18)20 (14)20 (21)20 (25)

I will make a little video later today with all the awesome ACTION shots from that night, and even a little bonus picture from our Actual Day of Birth Breakfast we had this morning with special guest stars, the Liebigs… but until then I think Alice’s birthday can best be summed up with one picture:


OH! She is twice as old today as she was yesterday! It’s a cruel, cruel world. Fortunately, she continues to be awesome so I guess I can take it. Happy Birthday Alice J Walker!! Er… Alice Jean King!!


Here’s your video, peeps! Right HERE. Click on THESE WORDS.  :)

Oh, and the cupcakes were a vanilla bean white cake (with some swirly pink food coloring) with a whipped vanilla lemon icing and white chocolate stabber/toppers that I made for the first time. Now that I have the birthday mold I have been trying to figure out what else I can spell out with the letters H A P Y B I R T D

What else? BIRD PARTY!! See you then.


Erin said...

Can I hire you as my party planner? Because Norah is eventually going to learn about all the cool things Alice's mom does and wonder what's wrong with her mom. So if you could just pack all that stuff up and send it my way, I'd appreciate it.

And I can't believe she is TWO. I've really got to figure out how I'm going to convince Nic to move to California. I want to see her all the time!

Ashley said...

Super duper cute! You are the queen of adorable, creative parties. You seriously should start a party planning business!

Andrea said...

Ok, you are on the phone with Olivia right now wishing her a happy birthday ON her birthday, and she got a present from you ON her birthday, and it wasn't until I saw your present and thought "Alissa is always so good at remembering birthdays" that I realized I forgot Alice's. Again. I am 2 for 2 and I suck! Sorry.

Andrea said...

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Alice!!