Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No Costumes Allowed

Unless your adorable. Then it’s not just okay, it’s actually recommended. This is what happens when your bother dresses you before you go to the Aquarium.


Ha! And you thought the aquarium couldn’t be any more fun! I wonder if she will let him dress her when she’s a teenager? I wouldn’t hold your breath…



And, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Provider for working so hard that we are able to have opportunities like this.


Not the boat, the guy… but you knew that. (p.s. he didn’t want to take this picture but I told him to make his tough Jersey Shore punk face. Since we’ve never actually seen the show, I guess this is it?)

Hey, and since it’s my blog and I can, look at these cupcakes I made for Thanksgiving!

14 (2)

Too bad they were completely inedible. SAD! They were chewy in a really unnatural way. I used applesauce instead of oil, because the internet said I could! And the internet was very, VERY, wrong. Now, if only I could go back in time and remember to taste the damn things before I decorate them.

Sheesh. I’m thankful for do-overs!

And snow! Russell got to ‘chill’ in the snow!


Okay, that’s enough for now. Bye!


Brookelyn said...

I'm just going to assume you are pointing those guns at me because you're sad I'm not there, right? Because my heart was wishing it was there.

And that's so funny about her little costume! SO cute, and ironically... I wore the same thing to work today. I thought it would help them realize my potential..but it had a vastly different affect. I'm glad it worked out for Alice though!

Lorraine_in_Spain said...

Alice J. Walker looks more like you every day!! Maybe she's not mine...sad. I was going to demand to have her back after she was potty trained.

corey thomas said...

what are you talking about? every time i drive past your house I can see Jersey Shore playing on your giant TV!