Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Custom Photo Hoops by Pointed!


…or, you know, yours truly!

These are different than anything I’ve done because I have been experimenting with some techniques to transfer actual photographs to antique and vintage fabrics, even fabrics with lace on them! I’m telling you about this here because I’m so totally inspired by all different kinds of photo’s and I want to show you some examples because at the beginning of January when my Christmas work is behind me I’m going to be offering a code to you guys for 25% off!

I made this one for Erin’s birthdayIMG_0215 (2)

And here are a couple little sacred Guadalupe hoops I made for the two wonderful women who come every couple weeks to help me stay on top of the deep cleaning in the bathrooms and kitchen. Alice follows them around lifting up her shirt to show them her belly button and talk and talks, without ever saying anything. They do so much to help me with their two hands, I wanted to make them something with my hands :)


I also have one of Alice and Russell on the beach in the works that I am embellishing with metallic red thread, and it is as different from those two as they are from each other. Which is what I love about this! I can’t wait to do a landscape… or a pet… or sew on a picture of a cupcake I made for some random occasion (and you thought cupcakes couldn't get cuter!)

I am going to continue with the other stuff too, punch needle, hand drawing, names and sayings with lace… but I had to share because I’m pretty darn excited about this, and in this odd gloomy winter I will take excitement where I can :)

Oh yeah, and I sewed and painted this nicho for Paige’s big one six (16th!) birthday, we love you Paige :)

DSC00896 (2)DSC00887 (3)DSC00893 (2)

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Carly said...

Ooohhh. Love them ALL. What should I choose? Cause I GET ONE. So excited.