Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Handmade Christmas

Hey, if this post makes it to the light of day I will be SHOCKED. I can’t seem to finish a thought right now without one of the short interlopers to my life wanting to climb up me like I’m a ladder or wipe their nose on my shirt. When does school start again? I would go get my calendar but if I get out of this chair I will see something shiny and this post will really never get finished.

I just want to show you a couple things while it’s still December since our Christmas pictures may not be as interesting to anyone next May. We made a lot of stuff this year, and in addition to all the other splendid presents we received we got a lot of handmade stuff, too. I love things made with actual fingers and I love to make things with my actual fingers! And I also sent a few handmade things, and I have a few handmade things yet unmade but cheerfully promised :)

And groceries. I sent a few people groceries… ask if they are complaining?! No way! And to be fair, you’re all welcome to buy me Trader Joe’s treat groceries anytime!

SO here’s a few pictures of, well, a little of everything.

For the Liebigs we made Love Is Spoken Here bud vases


what? not cool enough for you? Turn them around!


Hi Liebigs! :)

The kids made frames for Grandma Sharri. It was Alice’s first attempt to bejewel something, and I have to admit she went at it with only the gusto someone who is Russell’s little sister could possess.


For the cousins, and inspired by (totally copied from) one of my all time favorite websites (http://madebyjoel.blogspot.com/) we made these simple marionettes for my nephew Zeke, one for each cousin… and then complicated them with paint and photo’s! I love how they turned out, but Aimee says she won’t let him play with them! To be fair, they do look pretty cute on the wall :)

2 (2)121464

Also from Joel’s site, we were inspired to make Leo a paper building puzzle with his name plastered all over :)


It is an excellent name, huh?

And inspired by the playhouse Russell and I built a month ago, did I ever show you pictures of that? Maybe later. All out of order. Like my brain. Anyway, we made this playhouse for Sylvie out of a USPS priority mail box, and I have to admit the rebel in me got a particular thrill as I spray painted over the part the says “using this box for any other purpose is a federal offense”


Nice, huh? It goes well with our families own obsession with vintage polly pockets right now, which just so happen to be the very not handmade gift that Santa brought Alice this year:


The way her fat fingers walk that polly down the stairs or put her behind the ice cream counter gives me a sugar rush. Yeah, a pink one.

22 24

And speaking of ridiculous, my parents did their grandparent job perfectly by getting Russell something I never would, and now he can’t live without. Thanks mom and dad. No really, thanks for the CAP GUN. Now my son won’t wear anything but his sheriff pajama’s or brown clothes turned inside out. No I don’t know why they have to be turned inside out, but don’t try and dissuade him, or you’ll be cap gun dead!


Um, we do NOT point the gun at people…

12 Better. :P

Oh, and has anyone seen my baby boy? Because all I seem to have here is a tall gorgeous sheriff man!


He’s a nice kid. When he wasn’t throwing a small Christmas day fit in the middle of the street in front of the house because his brand new bike doesn’t have a bell (try and show me a kid who doesn’t have a post Christmas morning crash) he was 100 miles an hour of pure Christmas Joy! He says the nicest things, things you would never expect from a 5 year old boy with relentless energy and a split second of attention span. He told me, “Some days are good, and some days are hard, but good days like this make the hard ones better.” And when Jon left for work after our Christmas break, he told him “Dad, I love you so much, and I will cry all day long because I miss your beautiful face!” but he says it with a smile and a hug and a kiss, you can just see he is trying to say the nicest thing he can think of.

Do I ever talk about the cat who used to have a name? Did you know when I went to hospital to deliver my first baby I TOOK a picture of my CATS. In a frame. And put it by my bed? I’m serious. Now I call her cat, and she sleeps on my feet and the other one probably got eaten by a coyote, but that’s just an optimistic guess. Anyway, we are not heartless and we did get her a stocking and filled it with cat nip and treats but apparently that’s not enough for her because she continues to attempt to hitch a ride out of this joint. I really don’t think it would be as much fun as she thinks it would be.


I probably have more to show you, but it’s already taken me all day to write this so Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and THE END. :)

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LM said...

You have beautiful babies! Glad you had a good Christmas. (And I love the cowboy jammies!)