Monday, November 1, 2010

Testing, Testing, 123

Well there aren’t many tests of a new friendship more reliable than sharing your air, sleeping space, meals, bathroom and CHOCOLATE for three days in the woods. Now add in a gaggle of goofy kids and this may as well be the SAT’s after an all night frat party.


We Passed!!

At least I think we did, I haven’t called yet to see if Stacy answers, but after the pictures I found in my email I know that at least she is still willing to communicate on the internet. I will take that as a solid B+ for now :)

So what kind of camping trip could tempt me to leave my fabulous Halloween House the actual weekend of Halloween? Well, how about Halloween Camping?! It was awesome, and now that we are back I’m kicking myself for not going around and taking better pictures of the decorations at ours and the other campsites. Jack O Lanterns, all manner of ghouls and goblins… some people had a little fun decorating, we had some pretty good thrills at our fire, and some were all out attractions of gore and special FX!

Don’t worry, we still got some good pics to share since we got all dressed up to take the kids into the heart of the campground for tons of Halloween fun, including a haunted hayride that pretty much made me feel like the biggest jerk on the planet every time Russell cried “This is TOO scary!” Or Landen howled “How many more minutes?!”  (of course now in the safe daylight it’s all they want to talk about)

I mean, how could this trip NOT be fun? You get to take this:

Alice & Riley Camping 

and turn it into THIS

Strawberry Butterfly 10-30-10

HA! And who would have guessed those pretty pretty babies came from these horrible ugly witches: 

Witches camping 2010

Stacy, we might need to start doing our make-up like this all the time; how could the boys possibly disobey us with those faces?!

And you know how I have that really terrible habit of saying I want to roll the babies in sugar and have them for a snack? Well, after this picture I might have to stop saying that for a while…

fdgdfAlice Butterfly 10-30-10A butterfly to the flame    

And as long as we are talking about child abuse, I know I shouldn’t be as entertained as I am by this picture of the the boys in their costumes:

Russell & Landen Halloween camp 2010

Look at the agony! It’s so believable! Indiana Jones might actually be scared of Werewolf Landen! (you know, instead of just Real Russell Kid ticked off at His Mother for making him stop the Halloween fun to pose for ‘more pictures, mom!’)

And we still got home in time to hand out candy and trick or treat in our own funny little neighborhood. I’m going to change my own grade, this was an ‘A’ weekend all the way! And if the LaFlammes want to do it again next year? Well, we’ll just call it all a big A+ 

King Family 10-30-10 LaFlamme Scary Family 2010


madre said...

completely excellent! love the photos in the scary woods. it looks like alice just came out of her cocoon in the leaves! i'm trying to determine what jon is dressed as... hobo? so glad i got to see the little goblins in person!

Andrea said...

Halloween Camping?! Awesome!! I am totally jealous! Totally!