Thursday, November 11, 2010

Not Kidding

You guys my heart actually stopped for a second.

Oops, I mean, not in a medical way, sorry! But, holy cow, do you want to see a smokin’ hot picture of my husband? ….  Well, too bad, here it is anyway:

Jon K.  circa 1992

Jon Navy

I know, right?!

Okay, that’s enough now. Eye’s over here, ladies; Mormon or not, I am SO not sharing…

…and now you’re all wishing I would go back to talking about things that make you less uncomfortable, like ovaries, bladders and how much I enjoyed voting to legalize pot, don’t you?


I don’t know why seeing this picture took me so off guard, I was digging in the trenches of million year old pictures to find THIS picture so I knew what I was looking for, and I already knew what it looked like.



holy cow.

putting aside the fact that I was probably eleven when this picture was taken, I TOTALLY wish I had known this boy on that day so I could have kissed him on those very serious lips.

Hahahaha… and you thought my other post’s were gross. Happy Veterans Day, people.


Jon King said...

Looking at that picture makes me feel so old, I can't believe that was nearly 20 years ago. Thanks for the sweet words, I wish I still had that nice brown hair, I guess I can just be happy that my hair is still there.

Love ya babe!

Alissa Rae King said...

He Comments!! I'm confused is it my veterans day, or yours?

Now I just have to wait and see what one post he will comment on next year. Hmmm....

Andrea said...

Happy Day after Veteran's Day!!

LM said...

Ew...that is my nephew you are talking about. But he was a cutie wasn't he! No wonder you guys have such cute kids, between the two of you how could you go wrong!

Kateastrophe said...

Dear Jon,

Don't get creeped out by what I'm about to say but as hot as you were back then...the grey in your hair sort of made you even hotter.

Love (platonically),

Alissa's friend who might have only been 11 years old when that picture was taken but probably still would have thought you were a cutie then too.