Monday, November 22, 2010

Group Shot


Above (from left to right): Alice J. Walker, Erin, Norah, and ME! Yup, we’re all there… some of us are just reflected in the sunglasses on either side of the baby sniffer!

And, yes, here it is! The post about Norah bringing her mom all the way to California just so I could paint her nails and ditch her with Jon so I could take her mother to the So You Think You Can Dance LIVE! Concert.  (here after referred to as SYTYCD)

And there is a story behind how CRAZY it is that we got the amazing seats we did, but I can’t tell you without exposing myself for being kind of a crazy person who tells fibs when it is totally not necessary (like how Erin bought her plane tickets to come out for SYTYCD because I told her I bought our tickets to the show, even though I HADN’T because I knew I was GOING to, and then a few weeks… and a month passed by… and then she was a week away so I had to go on craigslist where the tickets were, like, a million and one dollars, so I went to the main ticket page for SYTYCD and dejectedly tried to buy the best/cheapest tickets they had left… and





at the million person seating Staples Center in LA!!


so Yeah, I would tell you about it, but it makes me look crazy. Or crazier than usual! Fortunately the SYTYCD gods were watching out for us and at ‘half time’ I had to confess all to Erin because I couldn’t stop almost peeing my pants that I had bought our tickets for 60 bucks each the DAY before she got there!  And that story? Not even nearly as amazing as the show. UH-mazing. 

And the show? Not nearly as amazing as watching Norah watch her hands like they are the greatest thing she has ever seen after we shelled out 70 bucks to take her to Disneyland. Yeah, to go on only three rides including It’s a Small World where she made this face:


and then fell asleep.

At the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. She was tired, okay? Three rides, but priceless pictures that we can show her when she is 5 and tells Erin “You Ruin my LIFE” when she is told she absolutely has to wear underwear. Yes, everyday.


GAH!! I admit it, I am totally being that parent right now… the one that brags about how great their life is on their blog while pausing to yell at the children “Stop touching me! Don’t climb on me! Don’t even BREATH near me! Give me FIVE minutes so I can tell everyone HOW MUCH HAPPIER WE ARE THEN THEM!” Since the kids are out of school for Thanksgiving break (which doesn’t make me entirely thankful… PLEASE open for the holidays Cottage Preschool!) I am done being clever… enjoy your slide show of the rest of our Erin/Norah trip, clever, clever, haha, lol, sarcastic comment. the end



Erin said...

I totally stole your video and immediately posted it on my blog. Can we come back? Seriously! It's supposed to be like 12 degrees tomorrow and I wouldn't even mind sharing a room with Russell. At very least, it sounds like we'll be up your way in February. I guess I should say, Can we come visit in February with Mike and Emily? oh and Norah needs another mani/pedi. And have I mentioned how much fun we had? So much fun! Thanks for having us!!!

Andrea said...

It looks like a total blast! You are too creative, that video was awesome!!

Andrea said...

And sometime over the phone I want to hear the story of how you got the tickets.

Wendy said...

Alissa: You are amazing. Thanks for sharing your video with us. It is such a joy to see Erin and Norah have such a great time. You are an awesome friend. I love you for that. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Wendy