Saturday, November 6, 2010

Coping Skills

First, thank you, my friends, for all the much needed moral support and for giving me a few paragraphs last post to be a little melodramatic. I really needed to let a little crazy out of my tires, and things are already running more smoothly today :) So in light of my recent ramblings I thought today would be a good time to  share a couple ridiculously cheerful things that have been rattling around my computer tower.

I can’t believe I never showed you this!

Beach cake                              small file

It’s the Happy Everything Cake I made when the Hickman's were in town since it’s hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time for most holidays… and we were still missing Dan and Lorraine! I rest my case. But since we were able to get a good majority I thought it was the perfect time to order a two layer vanilla and chocolate cake with whipped cream icing and bavarian cream filling, and I took my first stab at fondant and gum paste by making all the little toppers. Can you say sugar high? We couldn’t cause we went into sugar coma’s on the beach!

Also, I have decided I need to figure out how to box this next picture and sell it at the farmers market:

DSC_0694-1 DSC_0696

That’s Erin’s new baby Norah in her snow suit! What a riot!

I could call it Organic Smile in a Box provided only by Free Range Babies! Er, baby. And NO ANIMALS were harmed in the making of the smile this picture will put on your face.

Unless that coat is really leather.

And I will ALWAYS smile for a couple cute Firefighters! Calm down, Jon, you might think they are pretty cute too…Fire Open House 10-10

Woo-woo! Can I just take a minute to tell you guys about that handsome boy in the foreground? That is Werewolf Landen from my earlier Halloween Camping post! And he is four. Yup, 1, 2, 3,  FOUR! He’s so handsome and tall! Taller than Russell who is tall for 5. It’s like knowing a future movie star, this one.  The ladies better watch out for these two (or maybe just for their mothers… keep your paws off girls, we don't care how old or tall they are, we will still clean their faces with spit when necessary and show you their baby teeth we hung on the wall)!

On second thought, I might need to make it easier for girls to hang around Russell if he keeps up with these moves he was trying out on Hay-bug when we took the Stewarts to the San Juan Capistrano Mission:


Oh, and this picture may not make you smile, but I sure like it even though Alice seems to have lost her head. No, not crying, just… hmph, gone! Can you find her?1

Oh, here she is! And p.s. photoshop makes Russell and I giggle like, you know, children.

103 101 104 102

And finally, I know I feel better, but if that didn’t cheer you up, then maybe you’ll like this link. Who says vampires and children don’t mix? They do if those kids happen to be related to me and the vampires happen to be Vampire Weekend, the band.

I Love Cousins!!!

Smack me in the head and call me healed, that’s a lot of freakin’ cheer.

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Brookelyn said...

I love LOVE LOVE your cake. So cute, and I"m glad that you're feeling better and that you put up that video of Amy's and your children. SO cute. I love the face they all make. It's great to see them just loving each other.