Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Calling All Friends

Hey, quick,  don’t over think it, leave me a comment with your favorite thing about Russell!

The last few weeks I am simply so overwhelmed by him, and today I feel like a bad, bad, mom because the years are stretching out before me and I don’t know… some days are harder than others… but HE is worth it. And I know it! But since I spend entirely too much time complaining let’s change this season.

I’ll start, my favorite thing about Russell?

He’s taking a nap right now!

Okay, your turn.


Surly Jason said...

I don't know him, but I really, really like his name!


Russell Jason Bellows

Erin said...

My favorite thing as of late: Getting in the car at the airport and having Russell say "Hey Erin, your baby is making this face." And he made the exact deer-in-the-headlight face that Norah always makes.

I also loved spending some time with just him in the early morning when he told me that Jesus is in my heart.

Hang in there. Love you both!

Stefanie said...

I LOVE LOVE his hugs! (haven't had one in a while...)

padruss said...

My favorite thing about Russell is that he is taking his nap at your house. I also love his name.

He is fierce in a good way and sometimes fierce in a bad way but both ways make me appreciate how he is such a great person who thinks in such independent ways for such a small, sawd off, low to the ground, grimmy little kid. He is a good kisser and should be a movie star with his curly hair and bigger than life smile. I love him with all my heart.


Carly said...

I love the way he gets my boys, like butta when they play together. wish we lived closer so that they could all play all the time.

Tara said...

That adorable grin . . .

Alissa Rae King said...

Thank you!! About twenty minutes after I wrote this I almost took it down because, well, it's just whiny, but what nice things Russell's friends have said here!

He really is all those things, and tonight after his nap he came out of his room, climbed on my lap and said "sorry I had a bad day today, mom, I try so hard but I just can't calm down sometimes"

that and all the nice things you guys have said have given me pause, and I'm taking a deep breath because he is extraordinary and I wouldn't pick anyone else to be my guy. I just got a little tired, Sorry for whining. Thank you for loving my kid with me!!

Jon King said...

I love his excitement when he figures something out. It's like you can see the lightbulb in his head shining through his eyes. I also love when he runs out to my car in the morning when I forget to give him a hug and kiss goodbye in the morning and tells me he is going to miss me so much while I am gone, even if it is just to work.

P.S. I love his mom too.

Marcy said...

He's always so happy. And he's the first one to greet my Chase at preschool and says, "C'mon, let's go play pirate Legos, argh!"... with all the enthusiasm in the world!

Lorraine_in_Spain said...

I love the incredible voicemails he leaves me when you don't know he has your phone.

"aunt araine, can i wear flip flops to your wedding? This is Russell. Can, can I wear flip flops to your wedding? Mom says no. okay, I love you. bye." (mom in the background-'okay, hang up the phone') "hang up the phone." ('no, don't SAY hang up the phone, actually hang up the phone') "akshully hang up the phone"

crackle crackle- end of message. ha!

I still have every voicemail he ever left me. I have VMs saved from 2009 <3

Andrea said...

One of my many favorite things about Russell is his "Lady's Man Suave Grin and 'Gun' Pointer Finger, I AM The Cake and I MAY Let You Eat It Too" pose that he was doing in all of those pictures at the mission with Hailey. WAY to cute!!