Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Water and Gifts

So, I was raised in the retail business, and I’ve had the opportunity to work in some of my parents beautiful stores, I have a shop on etsy now, I’m starting a new band, and I even entertain the thought of some far distant future when I might have time to own my own business… but for all these things, big or small, the naming of things always stresses me out. 

My etsy store name “Pointed” was a gift from Russell when I was sewing one night wondering what I might name my shop and he walked up to me and sadly sweetly said “You forgot to sing to me and I am so pointed!”

I’m telling you this because every time I drive by the strip mall down the street I see the plastic lighted sign above a little shop that simply says “Water and Gifts”  and every time I have a little play in my head that goes like this:

“Hey, man, my cousin jimmy can make you sign, like, for free, but you have to order it in the next 10 minutes, so… should we buy a sign and open a store, or what?”

“Yeah, man, let’s open a store. We could be, like, our own bosses.”

“Okay, yeah man. Cool. What should we sell?”


“Whoa. Yeah, cause we could, like, get that for free, and then sell it to people.”


“So, just water? Or water and, I don’t know, cats?”

“Nah man, I had a cat once. It was blind and every time it figured out where all the furniture was I would move it and now I think I’m haunted.”

“Okay, well what then? Jimmy said we can have all the letters we want but we only have 6 minutes left.”


“Gifts? Water and… gifts?”

“Yeah, man. Let’s do it.”

So the characters change in my head all the time, but I think I have imagined the conversation about a million times. And I almost always end up saying some of it out loud towards the end because the excitement of my fictional characters about owning their own business is very contagious. And, of course, hearing my own voice always sort of startles me back into reality and I have no idea who was driving Russell to school for the last five minutes.

I just thought you might like to know that. Like, you know, man, cause we’re friends like that.  Oh and I’m naming my next project Water and Gifts because I think those guys are on to something. 


Brookelyn said...

And now I'm haunted!!! By the Cat! I love that that was in there and I LOVE your Pointed shop and Name!!

LM said...

You make me smile! (I am trying to get my Etsy shop up and going too, it makes me nervous!)

Erin said...

hehehehehehe. I think we should go to that shop when I get there.

Andrea said...

They should at least offer an option of lemonade or something. I like lemonade when I am buying gifts.