Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sew Scary!!

We are obsessed with spiders right now. Like, if you come over to our house, we won’t let you leave without showing you the black widow hideout under the pumpkins (so Jon can squash them with an audience I guess) or the wolf spiders in our bushes. We love them, we NAME them. They are so magnificent, and so freaking creepy!

Fortunately for us (unfortunately for you?), October seems like a perfect month to share this obsession! First, check out these SPECTACULAR pictures my dad was able to capture of some giant spider webs after a dewy morningwebb in green webb small file rain catchers small filewater pearls   small file

Amazing! Like tiny terrifying architects that want to wrap you up and drink your innards like java juice. Jon and I are such nerds that in the early evening when the spiders wake up and start their webs we keep each other updated on where our favorite spiders are ‘building’ tonight. After some further investigation, I think I have narrowed our ‘friends’ down to either the Tangle Web Spider:Theridion

the Orb Weaver:

DSCF0008bbbb  DSCF0134b DSCF0102b IMG_2177_2_2

or a Jumping Spider (since these things make webs that sometimes cover over 20 feet of open air in the back yard form the roof to the fence):

DSC_0678b DSCF0088b DSC_1688b (1)DSC_1691b (1) Isn’t that wonderfully creepy? You can freak yourself out more at where I found all those pictures.

And finally, the black widows:

IMG_2883 DSCF0027b Los Narranjos School
Apparently juvenile, possible unhealthy

I can’t count how many of those Jon has smashed like popping little tiny water balloons. We love spiders, we just don’t love the creeping biting poisonous ones hiding in the big lego’s waiting for fat pink baby fingers. Sorry guys, you’re toast.

In memoriam of all our squashed eight legged friends (and due to the AWESOME link Erin sent me) I made this spider hoop, and I can’t think of one good reason I can’t display it year round! It goes well next to my flies. 1017101435 1016102043

So you can’t believe we are having this much terrifying fun only a few feet from our doorsteps? Well, you’re in luck, if you click the picture below Jon and I have shamelessly exposed our nerdery with this video that you can tell me you saw and I won’t give you a quiz. Just be glad we live in the day of the internet otherwise we might trap you in our living room to watch slides of our children and spiders for hours.blurry spider

YAH- HA- Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…

(hmph… it’s harder to type a witch laugh than I thought)

And, of course, Happy Halloween!


madre said...

whoopee, your whole blog this last week is spectacular fun! LOVE the spiders! LOVE the fam photos!! (please? for christmas?) ADORE the happy birthday story! and fab story on 'starting a biz', dad and i have had many conversations that started (and somethimes ended) just like that! always fun and great to read whassup, love you!!

Aimee said...

I can't believe I just made it through that whole video just to get my pants scared off me with the damn phony spider trick at the end like I did all growing up. You suck!

Erin said...

Please tell me you'll get Jon to swish all them before we come visit. Because right now I kind of feel like they are already crawling all over me...

And can I tell you how excited I am that you made the spider hoop? I just KNEW it was right up your alley. And I like yours way better than the one in the link. Love it!

Andrea said...

Love all of your creepy spiders! Brian can testify to the fact that they build right outside your door, ha ha.

Andrea said...

Oh, and I LOVE the spider hoop!!!

Margaret said...

i showed my Jakob your spider movie, Jakob loves bugs and this was his comment "Ewe! Gross! Stop it Mom it is really freaking me out!" We didn't get through it. that is just nasty!!!