Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No, we are not from Massachusetts.

Someday when my last line is written

Someday when I’ve drawn my last breath

When my last words on earth have been spoken

And my lips are sealed in death

Don’t look on my cold form in pity

Don’t think of me as one dead

It will just be the house I once lived in

My spirit by then will have fled

Is it any wonder that a lover of old bluegrass death songs is also a great lover of all things Halloween? I love the GHOST part, vampire part, werewolf part, Edgar Allen Poe part, the pumpkin part, scary movie part, creepy candy part, the scaring the crap out of trick or treating teenagers part… And I LOVE the decorating part. We don’t do it once and call it a day, we tend to do a few projects every week for all of ‘Scary Movie Month!’ 101 102 104105106107    

I’ve also just discovered that Massachusetts is big on Halloween because people keep asking me if we are from there. I’m taking that as a compliment!  And stay tuned because coming soon, pictures of Russell’s playhouse that we are still turning into a spooktacular haunt where we will be serving candy to our trick or treaters this year. At least we will be if they are brave enough to get past the lunatic pumpkins, bats, and dangling spiders to get back there >:)

108 10920 110  Are you?….


madre said...

as one who was at your 'haunted house' a few days ago, yes it was impressively creepy! you've pretty much maxed it out, bravo! but i was really only 'gotten' by one item (since russell walked me around first and showed me all the 'tricks' saying "don't worry, you don't have to be scared grandma") that item being, in poetic justice: the motion-activated-drop-down-a string-big-plastic-spider-with-sounds-and-movement. yes, a replica of the one which so lovingly participated in our family life for so many years. consider yourself revenged, sissa~

Stefanie said...

This post has made me miss you so terribly I want to cry!!! I am in love with all your decorations! (and that pic with Russell in it made me do a double take and it was kind of creepy too...)