Thursday, October 14, 2010

We were framed.

Okay, so, yes. I spent a little money on our family photos this year. Let’s just say less than what we pay for Russell to go to school each month… but more than a car payment… somewhere in there.

And I would do it again! I have this one time in my life to be the young mom of the the little babies. I’ve never worked this hard at anything I’ve ever done before, and as nice as it is to have a picture of half my face and Alice sticking her fingers up my nose, I would like someone other than Jon or Russell to take a few family shots. I’m just saying.

So I spent some time scouring the web and emailing photographers and deciding which kidney I might be able to part with when I found the incredible site I couldn’t believe it when I got her email back; she said she would do both of my fantasy shoots and give me a disc with all our photos so I could post pictures here, and all for LESS than the price of a kidney!! I was thrilled!

Wait, back up, fantasy shoots you ask? Well, it’s not as Diva-ish as it sounds. I just wasn’t sure that what I had in mind would actually turn out a good family Christmas card photo. That’s important since my last two Christmas cards had pictures of me like this:


and this:

DSC05082 (2)

And since I’ve recently gotten trimmer then I have been for a few ‘Christmas cards’ I thought it was time we actually appear in a card where I don’t run the risk of being mistaken for Mrs. Claus…

Anyway, I have had this fantasy of taking my family to a park by the beach with giant sketch pads and paint… and go from there. With Rani by our side we were able to do that! And we have another shoot set up next week where instead of chasing us trying to avoid the paint splatters, she can boss us around and we promise to smile on cue no matter what Alice smells like or how goofy Russell is feeling :)

After getting the pictures by the beach back, I can’t WAIT for our other shoot! If it’s half as good as this one we might have to quit our day jobs and become frame models, cause, damn! My family is kind of adorable!

Click the picture below to go to my new video page and I hope you enjoy them, we really had fun taking them!



Ashley said...

Oh my goodness! You guys are gorgeous. Those are fabulous and worth whatever you paid!

Marcy said...

Oh my gosh, I have no words. LOVE them. Just love them. And yes, you are gorgeous and make this all look so effortless! Great job!!

kateastrophe said...

You're a family full of super hotties! LOVE them!

Erin said...

I just, I want, I...can I be in your family? This photo shoot makes me totally want to BE you. I can't even handle all the beautifulness! Oh, and when you get prints done, I hope you get an extra for me because I really, really want one. That's all.

No that's not all. How is it that Alice can be so scrumptious? And how do you stop yourself from just gobbling her up? And you look amazing! Seriously, best looking family ever.

Now I'm done.

Andrea said...

Those are my favorite pictures! Like really, my favorite. Ever. That is such a cute idea, and it really looks like everyone was having fun, not posing. I love candid shots and those are the greatest!

Stefanie said...

GORGEOUS!!!! I love it!