Monday, October 11, 2010

In the midst of life, there is FIREWORKS

I’m pleased to share here, Mrs. Carly Palmers most beautiful new baby boy

1ryder2 (1)1ryder 1ryder3 

and as I said in my comment on her post I really can SMELL him from looking at these pictures, and I want to rub my cheeks all over his hairy peach fuzz covered body before he turns into a real boy. Oh Delicious Joy!

Not that we only need babies to have fun, I had a capital B -last with our friends the Stewarts who came to stay and adventure with us for a week which led to much fun and mayhem and one particularly favorite picture of mine:0922001952a

Midnight on the carousel, with Haylie! Everyone else had ditched us for the splashing/screaming/soaking nightmare they call Splash Mountain, so Hay-bug, Grandma Lady and I were blissfully left alone in the dark to ride Dumbo, and Alice, and Mr. Toad like we owned the place. More pictures of that to come, but FINALLY

for the grand finale of this already poppin post





NORAH… and her muther ERIN

and NORAH!!DSC_0561

And when I’m not dipping her in frosting and enjoying her as an afternoon snack, I will be DITCHING her to run off with her mother to be TWELVE once again as we go to the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE LIVE CONCERT in LA. Oh, Norah is gonna be mad when she finds this post in the future and finds out we left her with the Jon guy, the Alice baby, the RUSSELL boy, and the spooky the cat. Then she’ll remember all the nice clothes I have already/and will give to her during her tres chic toddler years and forgive me :)

I love flight confirmation emails. They really are my favorite. Right after the babies. The babies are my most favorite, then flight confirmations that I get to SEE fat babies.


Erin said...

Tee hee hee hee...I think I literally just got goosebumps from being so stinking excited to come in November! There is seriously nothing better than someone who appreciates your fat little baby girl as much as you do! Norah and Alice are gonna stop all that California traffic with their adorableness. Um and SYTYCD? So. Excited.

Carly said...

what the? that's my baby! and I love that you love him. I love him and rub my face on him and kiss him on the mouth when he thinks he's going to eat so I can pretend he is kissing me back. and I dress him up in owl hats and nautical outfits just cause I can. and he has cordinating separates cause thats how I roll. wish we could come for a visit...soon. and my four boys at the beach with the most beautiful two kids in Laguna?? priceless. miss you all, especially momma. I am going to send you some of my new fall stuff because I love you.

Andrea said...

We had SO much fun with you all! I am trying to be happy for Erin, but mostly I am just GREEN. Congratulations Carly, he is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

great post thanks