Monday, September 13, 2010

Word of the Day


As in “Mom, how long is this going to take? Like traffic?”

or “We are at church FOREVER, like traffic.”

“I never get my snack at school because of the TRAFFIC.”

and how about “Alice sleeps forever. She is traffic!”

So I’ve been trying to explain to Russell that yes, traffic means a long time, and it can mean lame, an it usually means capital B-oring, but it’s not really an adjective. But the more I think about him, and they way he uses the word, maybe it is? Everything in this world just SLOWS HIM DOWN.  And that is totally Traffic.


Ashley said...

Lol. Love it. :)

Andrea said...

It was great talking to you on the phone today, it feels like it has been traffic since we talked! (Did I use it right?)