Monday, August 23, 2010

Something Has Me

I am not sure why you would be interested in this, but in case you love good tunes, too,  these two songs are my constant companions right now. Even when I’m not listening to them my thoughts refer back to them constantly. Last year my personal walking soundtrack was the song Be Calm from Fun. In fact, it’s still my ringtone on my phone when anyone in my family calls me, HA!

Currently my personal anthem is The Perfect Space from the Avett Brothers, and I dedicate to to all my patient friends. (That’s you.)

The other song is also by Avett brothers and I dedicate it to my constant journey/struggle with trying to find the right meds, and constantly finding a way to be at peace that I have to be on this journey at all. Or, you know, for the rest of my friggin life…  :) It’s not really about ADD. It’s actually just the perfect song for anyone who has ever felt like your life is all it should be, and you still feel down. Out. And I just realized I picked their two slowest songs, this whole album is brilliant and very fun, but these two songs have lyrics that get me. Haha, I’m lame. 

And finally, since I’m feeling random, the last couple months have been full of adventures and I have a few fun things stored up to share here, but since I don’t ever remember to do things in the right order I am going to skip it all to show you something I finally finished designing yesterday…

blog finish

My new business/personal card!

Yeah, those are my feet! Stop what you’re doing and check out this website not only is she completely amazing, if you go check out her blog you can even see the completely fab photo’s she took at Lorraine’s wedding!

The detail in the corner will be a fancy hole punch since I only plan on needing 20 or so cards to keep on my person at a time so I can punch them myself when they get back from the printer. The front will be a gloss and the back will be a matte finish with THISback I’m just pleased as punch!


kateastrophe said...

First comment AGAIN!!! Wait, probably not something to brag about.

ANYWAY, I LOVE your card and I LOVE your feet and now I need to go check out that music.

Also, if you haven't already added it to your list of "must reads" you MUST READ she? is HILARIOUS. Start with the story about her pet fish. I believe there's a link to it on the right hand side. I laughed so hard I literally had tears streaming down my face. You're welcome.

Erin said...

Who in the world is Anonymous? That kind of threw me off...

But have I ever told you that you're the hippest, coolest, spunkiest (is that even a word?) mom I know? Seriously, those cards are to die for. How could anyone not want to hang out with you and your crew? Although I'm kind of selfish and want to keep you more to myself, so I kind of hope you don't give too many of your cards out. Or maybe you should add a disclaimer that your Utah friends will always come first :)

Anonymous said...

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