Saturday, July 17, 2010

Whoa is right!

and Whoa is me!

and Whoa ordered the side of crazy with the diet coke?

So last night was one of those nights where I kinda wished Russell had a cough and it was 1892 so I could have been justified in giving him a little brandy to knock his crazy butt out!

Although he does have a loose tooth. Didn’t they used to give them brandy for a tooth ache? Does teeth almost falling out of your head qualify for an alcoholic medicinal remedy? Of course, I mean, if it were 1892… sigh, stinking modern age.

But for all the brain cells and life force he has been thieving from me these last couple weeks, he never leaves me waiting long for an even trade in the form of the awesome weirdness of his brains. Like the other day when I dropped him off at school and headed over to the mall with Alice to avoid going home but still keep out of the heat. Lately I’ve taken to rolling out of bed at the last possible second, taking two minutes to get myself barely presentable, tricking Jon into getting Russell ready before he goes to work, and then grabbing clothes for Alice as I rush out the door before 9am. I drop Russell off at school and drive down the hill to The Shops where I get my pink trailer trash baby ready for the day in the trunk of my car as quick as I can so my rubber soled shoes don’t melt into the radiating black asphalt that could already cook an egg like ‘this is your brains on drugs’ fast and it’s not even 10am yet.

So I’m getting her dressed and as I go to put her shoes on, this is what I end up with:0712000937 (2) In case you can’t see what I am entirely entertained with, it’s this:0712000937 (3) 0712000937 (4)

Apparently Russell has taken to branding the bottom of his sisters shoes.

See? Big trouble. Big fun. That’s how we roll.

Oh, oh, OH! and since we are already talking about things that are a little odd, you should get a kick out of this:0712001041b 07120010430712001042

A Tiny Throne for a Tiny King! Alice King that is… with a Tiny Sink for her Tiny Hands to wash all off all the Tiny Germs! We are easily entertained, but even you have to admit that is kind of hysterical.

And Last but not Least (sorry for all the caps in wrong places, it fits my mood tonight) I would love to share a picture of just a couple of the many cats I have pawned off on my parentals over the years. These two are Precious Princess and Buddah Belly, and my mom titled this “All The World’s A Stage…”All the world's a stage... (2)

Yes, my madre sent me quite the amusing filmstrip of the The Stars, but some of my amusement is lost in the SEA of envy I have over the fact that the window in the picture sits above a beautiful claw footed tub in her master bathroom. I would be the cleanest person alive if that was the view from my bathtub! Minus the cats of course, I’ve got enough drama in my real life thank you very much.

Have a good weekend my friends!

(p.s. ashley, I didn’t want to mention it, but since you brought it up I thought I should tell you that brushing my teeth 5 out of seven days when I was pregnant was a pretty good week. I wouldn't even attempt to write a blog post about pregnant tooth brushing, there are some things are just too cruel, even for me… )


The Farrell Family said...

Funny little toilet & sink. Funny Russell branding on the bottom of Alice's shoes. Funny that you hate pregnant teeth brushing as much as I do.

Carly said...

so I always wonder... WHERE do they still find markers? they are on serious lockdown at our house. but still-there they are. rolling that your kids are like mine. I am not alone in the world. and Alice, sweet pink Alice. I tried to order one of those. and if I could go to the mall with just one of my boys, it would happen everyday. but it would be the gateway. scratch that-the anthro. I would set up a tent there.