Monday, July 26, 2010

so terribly wonderfully human

So, Russell Googled himself. Or Bing’d. Whatever, he typed his name in the address bar and he’s five. I’m not sure what he expected to find but I think the thrill of seeing a page pop up with the only word he really cares about spread all over it was a pretty good thrill. Although the third link down that reads “Russell Pleads Not Guilty” may have actually been about us. I might have to go back and see if Alice has started an online newspaper or something…

Yesterday morning after waking us about 6 times from 4am on (adjusting to how the adderall is effecting his sleep patterns so we are trying to be patient) he finally started calling out “Dad! Dad! You’ve GOT to SEE this!”

Now I can’t decide what is better, the fact that Russell actually did this, or the fact that Jon did all the motions when he retold it to me, but I had just gotten Russell new slim fit jeans and had set them out for him so when Jon opened the door (remember 6am) Russell was fully dressed and exclaimed “Look at my pants!!! They are SO SEXY!”and proceeded to sort of squat down and rub his hands up and down his legs and say “Look how tight they are on my legs!” 

Sexy?! Really?

And don’t forget the time that I told him he absolutely could not wear flip flops to Aunt Lorraine’s wedding, so he INSISTED on calling her and leaving her a message (that I am dying to get a copy of if possible btw, lois). When she called back I saw her name on the caller ID so I hit answer and handed the phone directly to Russell and said “It’s Aunt Lorraine.” He put the phone to his ear and looked at me.

“Say Hello” I said

“Say Hello” he said.

“No, it’s Aunt Lorraine! Talk to her!” so then he says “Is this the Lorraine Getting Married?!” …. [wah wah wah]… “um, Lorraine? Can I wear FLIP FLOPS to when you are getting married?”

And I don’t know if it’s because she’s a cool bride, or if it’s because she’s a cool aunt, but she now INSISTS that he wear his beloved flip flops and I have been overruled. Which I am okay with because it was funny. I will always negotiate for humor and weirdo's.

See you next week, we are off to to see the bride and groom!


Ryan and Lillian said...

Love it!!! Sexy pants... ha ha!!

Andrea said...

Having seen the reenactment in person, I can vouch for the hilariousness of sexy pants. Both Russell's and John's.