Sunday, July 11, 2010


Which is how we pretend to have Italian accents around here when we talk about Russell’s birthday party theme.  We also throw our hands in the air a lot and say “La- ZAHN-yah!”

That’s right, people, it’s Mario Lasagna Time. I got my act together and I’m excited to (finally!) share pictures from Russell’s Birthday Party! Let’s jump right in shall we?

First, we have to set The Mood….play by play

And don’t forget the back yard! Or should I say:

**** Bonus Birthday Level******    IMG_4904 IMG_4906IMG_4907IMG_4908 Yup. I’m a crazy person. An awesome crazy person.

And those question mark boxes? Oh, yes, they open. And they were filled with TREASURE. Things to paint, things to eat, things to wear. And the Piñata? Filled with POPPERS. As in small hand held explosives. For the children. I guess I should count myself lucky all the parents are still speaking to me :)

And, I know I shouldn’t talk about this part (you know me with all my discretion), but can I just tell you that I don’t know if I made any pennies bleed, but I certainly made them all cry! I cut and glued and schemed for weeks on this one. Except I didn’t make the piñata. Oh, and don’t tell USPS, but the boxes that held the question mark treasure were the ‘free’ priority mail boxes I have in my garage for my etsy store. I made the hats with $1 hats I got off Amazon and $.20 cent felt. The crowns were $.35 each, the wands 4 for $1, I made the sad cupcakes which don’t look so bad from far away, and they still tasted pretty good for all they are like eating nuclear waste. Tasty, delicious nuclear waste.  Oh, yeah, and I made the Mario Carts a few weeks before for our Zeke-a-man Mario Party.

The moustaches were a big success, too! And absolutely made for my favorite Photo-Ops ($.99 for a sticky backed felt sheet, and I cut them out with just my brains, some left handed scissors and with minimal cursing. Why do I even own left handed scissors? Well, actually, I don’t anymore… a moment of silence please…)

So how was it? Well, you tell me:

IMG_4897 IMG_4903 IMG_4911IMG_4899 IMG_4927 IMG_4962   IMG_4926IMG_4966IMG_4930IMG_4918

And now, all I can really hope for is that my future 16 year old son will think I’m as cool as my current five year old one does.

Mario forever!! Woo-hoo!!


Andrea said...

I LOVE IT!! You are just too creative. Hailey's birthday is in two days, and I haven't even written in the store bought invitations yet!

LorraineinSpain said...

is there any chance that my wedding shower could be Mario Themed? please? I wanna be Princess Peach this time.

Kaytie said...

Seriously awesome! I can't get over the bonus level!

Stefanie said...

That is crazy awesome!!!! You're amazing.