Friday, June 11, 2010

Worth a thousand No Words

I have been trying to figure out how to explain Alice to you lately. Recently she is more of a, what would you call it? A person. She’s like a person. She’s walks around my house wearing cinco de mayo beads singing the melody from star wars or the alphabet and eats anything I put in front of her and demands to know what is in my mouth at all times, and laughs like Jon Stewart’s impression of the way George W. Bush laughs “heh heh heh” and can climb up to Russell’s top bunk so she can tear Mario Bricks off his wall (and freak out her parents).

She refuses to say ‘Mama’ with an evil glint in her eye because she knows how much I want her to say it. She says “Cat” like a champ, and Dada Dada Dada Dada Dada Dada like a freaking jerk all day long, all the time. She cries when I leave the room (I’m sure it’s so I will remember to bring her back some food from wherever I’m going) and she gives the most fabulous, most open mouth kisses on the planet because she likes it when I make the kissing pop sound into the small cavern in the front of her head where she keeps all her fancy sharp teeth.

But I don’t really need to tell you all this. I can SHOW you in two pictures my mom took of her this weekend. (She was SUPPOSED to be watching her, but I guess she thinks that just means to watch Alice do whatever she wants, like pull bread off my counters and explore neighbors driveways. And take pictures of her doing it. Pea’s in a pod, those two. Or should I say brats on a top bunk?)0609001244 0609001223 (1)

See?! I didn’t even need to write anything, you can see in her expression what a real live person she is lately. I wish I could bottle this moment in her life and smell it just a little bit everyday.


madre said...

true enough. but you can see she was having a good time. and nobody died or had to go to the e.r. at least not this time. and besides, i thought that "watching her" meant just that. anything more would be out of my 'mentally diminished grandma' contract...

Carly said...

so proud of that girl! she is really one of my favs. it is so amazing to watch your kids become people. wish we lived closer so that I could see more. love you all.