Monday, June 7, 2010

The Sexiest X-Ray I’ve Ever Seen

No, no one has been injured here lately. Knock on wood. No really, I don’t know what possessed me to just say that, PLEASE knock on some wood! I will too, hang on…  

okay, thanks!

No, I have been scouring the world for all things clip art that aren’t actually clip art and I stumbled across this TREASURE trove of pre 1922 medical and botanical and anything else you can imagine royalty free images, and if you don’t believe me that it is awesome, then may I present this: x-ray-high-heels

I know I should have saved it for Halloween, but that is so far away and this is so weird and cool RIGHT NOW! Anyway check out the sight if old books and printings interest you.

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LorraineinSpain said...

I will tell you something even creepier about this exact thing that I learned at the Institute of Medicine in Maryland: They used to use these crazy strong xray machines like the one that took this picture to see if people's shoes were fitting properly, and they couldn't figure out why all their shoe salesman kept dying young tragic cancerous deaths. eep!!!