Wednesday, June 2, 2010

“the fish sticks are cookies, the peas are skittles and the ketchup is strawberry jam”

Did I ever tell you about that time I went to Russell’s school for a mothers day brunch? We had Muffins and Milk (with Mom :) and then they had a little program for us where they stood in a line with paper flowers and said a couple poems and sang a few songs. It was rad. My favorite part was during the middle of the second song when Russell suddenly took an emergency phone call on his calculator.

I don’t even know if anyone else noticed! They were singing away when suddenly Russell sort of turns to the side to dig something out of his pocket, when he turns back he has his head bent a little, his pocket calculator to his ear, and I could SEE his mouth telling the ‘caller’ that he was busy right now having “Mothers Day.” Then I think he sort of forgot what he was doing because without removing the phone, er, calculator, he joined back in the singing for a few words before he finally folded up the calculator and put it back in his pocket.

Today, June 2nd, that weirdo is 5. Five Big Ones! I have pictures from his Mario Party that are begging to be shared which I will do soon, but today, I would just like to tell you he is awesome. When I was pregnant I had so many dreams and thoughts and idea’s… and they were all wrong! It is so much worse and SO MUCH better than I could have imagined. He has exceeded every dream (and every fear) and I’m not as amazed that he has survived it all as much as I am amazed that I have.

And since I hate to leave you without a picture, here is a picture of the birthday treats he took to school today:

0602001009a (2) cp1_0602001135

That’s right, Cottage Preschool says cupcakes are too messy (agreed), so Russell and I headed over to the April fool’s section of and found ourselves something even better. Fish sticks and peas!

Only the sticks are cookies, the peas are skittles and the ketchup is strawberry jam :)

Happy Birthday Russell!!! You’re the Bomb-Omb!!13428569


Scott and Stefie Shoell said...

Yay for Russell! Is he really 5? That blows me away. Give him kisses for me. And very clever treats!

Ryan and Lillian said...

Okay, seriously those are the best treats ever! You are a fun mom. I love sharing your adventures via your blog!