Thursday, June 24, 2010

My New Band!

No clever titles today I’m afraid, I’m too excited! My bestest california girl Valeri is married to a great singer songwriter, Corey, and together we’ve learned a few tunes and this last weekend we sang at this cool festival, and we get to sing again on saturday and you should COME if you can :)

AGSEMmusic fest_md

We know just a few tunes, we have a million in the line-up to learn, we are new but off to a good start and we just picked out our name:

Oxbow Creek Band

Oh! Isn’t that just dying to be made into a logo? It’s the street that we both live on with our wild and stinking children so it’s a perfect name (thanks for the idea Miss Valeri)

Good times! Here are some pics and we even have a little video my dad took on his cell phone, if you want to hear more, you’ll just have to come see us one of these days :)

IMG_5161 IMG_5158

And below we have a guest player during Amazing Grace… hey! that guy looks a lot like my dad! :)


Okay, you’re right, it IS my dad, and if you want to hear some real fine playing stick around the festival for Blue Mountain Mule (featuring a certain Sharron Evans!) or Blue Jeans Swing because I’ve heard my folks in more than a few bands, but these two might really be my favorite!



corey thomas said...

you are not going to believe this but there is another band in Orange County named Oxbow Creek. They don't have "Band" in their name but how funny is that? they even have a facebook page!

corey thomas said...

OMG... they live in Laguna Hills...!/pages/Oxbow-Creek/264895569493?v=info

Alissa Rae King said...

I would bet good money it's the boys up the street that practice at full volume at 10 at night. Hey! we can have turf wars for street cred in Orange County California! sweet

Ashley said...

You guys sound great! How fun. Since I will likely not be able to come hear your band (unless you're going on tour with a stop in Portland), you'll have to post some more video. :)