Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photo Journalism

So, do you remember that TORNADO we had in Sunny Southern California? You know, the one that made all you snow dwellers a little gleeful? Don’t deny it!  Anyway, I just found these pictures Russell took of our local train station and I wonder if we shouldn’t start our own paper just to make this the cover!  109

And boy, oh, BOY! do I have some posts in the works about my trip to Utah right now! I’m still trying to organize my brain after all that travel with the spectacular pink baby (and both of us waking up on Monday with the FLU?!  gross) but soon, soon, soon…

AND I would just like to wish everyone a HAPPY MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Yes, month. Poor Jon get’s about six hours to celebrate his birthday 3 days before Christmas, and here I get an entire month. Not to mention my mom’s birthday, Andrea, Serena, Aunt Jan, Brookie and ME!! Mine, I mean. Birthday.

And because I know you are sitting there wondering if you can get me something, wondering if we are friends like that, the answer is yes we are, and yes you can. HAhahaha…

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