Monday, May 24, 2010

As far as problems go…

…this is a good problem to have. I have TOO MANY awesome photo’s of the baby shower. Like, 56 most favorite photo’s out of 200 GREAT photo’s! And now I am getting a backlog of other blog stuff because I can’t do a new post until I do the ‘baby shower’ one, but, you know, FIFTY SIX favorite photo’s!

I like the details! I like the faces! I like the conversation pictures, and the group shots, and the FOOD shots, and the divine ALICE shots… I know, I know, I should just have a folder on my desktop for myself and give you guys the best three or four but



Sorry.   :)

I am totally obsessed with the new album by the two sisters from the Dixie Chicks in their new band Courtyard Hounds (see side bar, then see Amazon and BUY it because oh em gee… it gets better every time I hear it) and there is this song ‘Wasted Time’ that could be the soundtrack for my entire blog, or life or whatever.

Anyway, enough words, prepare to skim a million pictures of Erin’s shower that I threw for her as she is getting ready for Miss Baby Norah. A million AWESOME pictures! Starting with the capital ‘A’ Awesome Invitations: a (6) a (4)a (1)a (5) See! I couldn’t even pick one picture of that! We are in trouble. The invitations were a labor of love, and with each invitation I included an 8x8 scrap book page with a letter from the alphabet attached so before guests even arrived at the shower they could complete it and we could assemble “Norah’s First ABC’s” at the party. a (3) 1  21 26 And I have to say everyone did a STELLAR job on their pages! It’s only fun if people play along, and boy oh boy! I mean “girl oh GIRL” did they ever! Nice job ladies!!

Now, here I have to admit something. From the invites, to the location (Oasis Cafe in Salt Lake City, BTW,, if you haven’t been there, stop reading now and GO. I’ll wait….

SEE! I told you!)  Anyway, the whole darn thing was inspired by a cookie. Well, I mean Baby Norah, but then this COOKIE that if Norah was already here I promise you she would appreciate. 4052685175_a5b76445d8Sweet! (you can click it to see the store).

But I didn’t want to serve cookies at my shower because I kind of have this, um, obsession? with cupcakes, so I emailed her to see if she could make me itty bitty geese and that (with swell cupcake cups from made for The Most Dreamy Lemon with Cream Cheese Frosting Tower of Geese Cupcakes Ever. 16 817  Gosh.  Can I tell you right now I am about to run out of adjectives for all this awesomeness? You are going to want to poke me in the eye for how many times in this post I am going to say rad, awesome and swell. Gee willikers, I make myself seem every day of my 31 years of age with all those old fashioned expressions, huh? What are the kids saying these days? I will google it. Be right back…


Dope. Those cupcakes are DOPE! agh, never mind, I prefer being old. Let’s continue…

So we get to the Oasis Cafe (yay!) where I had a guest ‘book’ that was a vintage wooden hoop, old lace linen and a golden paint marker. In the middle I sewed “Life is sweet, welcome to yours!” and everyone signed it which just makes me happy. I had a leftover invitation I stuck in a shadow frame and running down the middle of the table and on a platter filled with turbinado sugar (for sand :) I made pin wheels and stuck them in little white tin pails filled with chocolate sea shells. 14 15 33 50

Along with the sign that said “Love from California” I had attached to the pails little tabs of paper that said “You spin me right round, baby, right round” which was the theme song for our whole house during this project and though I LOVE how it turned out I will be the first to admit I won’t miss having that song stuck in my head anymore for now!

It was a lot of prep, which I kind of like more than the party sometimes, but this party was equally fun on all counts!13 2 711 10 20 12 30 45 37 3541 42 40 44 38 p.s. that last picture, the one RIGHT ^ THERE, might be my favorite. I can’t tell you why, except that is Erin’s husband Nic’s grandmother, who ever since he was born calls him ‘Mick’, and she is sassy. And I LIKE sassy, and I like that picture. That’s all.

And if you’re wondering here are some reasons I like Erin so much: 323647 Yeah. And if that’s not cute enough for you, look at her feet! And no, I don’t mean her swollen pregnant ankles (really, being that cute while preggo should be a crime against the rest of us who waddle and create our own gravitational pulls), I mean, look at her SHOES


Erin, I love you, but you are TOTALLY throwing off the pregnant cuteness scale. You must wear sweats and pink curlers for the rest of your pregnancy to make it right. Thank you.

Yes, you read that right; Let yourself go! Because for the next couple of years no one cares what you look like anyway! They aren’t looking at YOU. What, you want proof? Well, then where am I in these pictures?24 23 4 552  54 See?! And as you will see, even in photo’s where I am obviously supposed to be in it, I still can’t seem to look at anything except that Pink Lemon Drop Baby!

9 49 48                                                     53









And there you have it! I whittled it down to, let’s see… 44 measly pictures! Aren’t you glad? Not me, that was just Part One!!

haha, just kidding. Unless you count when I get to Utah in July and take another 200 pictures of the adorable and immobile sleep robbing smell making milk drinking Miss Norah.

YAY!! Love you, Erin, thanks for letting me take over your friends and family for a day. It. Was. DOPE.   

hahaha. I’m lame. The End!

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Aimee said...

If it weren't for the photo of you holding Alice, looking kind of stern (and hence, exactly like ME) I would never have read this post and believed we are related! What a spectacularly beautiful, thoughtful party you created. I did not get that gene. Which means one of us is a mutant. You can pick which one.