Monday, April 19, 2010

Green With… frosting?

Oh St. Paddy, I had sort of forgotten about you until I had a preschooler… and boy, oh BOY! Did I remember quick after that first pinch! And since when did St. Patrick's Day and Easter last a WHOLE week?! When I was a kid we had about an hour to search the orchard for chocolate and pray that it was, in fact, chocolate we had found...

Anyway, here’s your belated holiday photo’s, enjoy!


DSC06103 DSC06125
DSC06097 DSC06078 DSC06137

Excuse me, this is not what Easter dresses are for, Alice!


That’s better :)



Hahaha… and don’t forget to share!

10 11

Yes, she does look delicious, but I’m pretty sure your cousin Piper is NOT filled with chocolate…14

This is a better plan :)


But where is Russell? Really?! He was harder to spot on Easter than The Bunny himself! It’s okay, you can trust me, he had more fun and chocolate than was entirely necessary, and I hope you did too!! Next up? BABY SHOWER! Utah, HERE I COME :)


Erin said...

ahhhh! That dress! How adorable is she? Love, love, love it. I can't wait to dress up baby Norah.

Logan & Margaret said...

you are such a creative Mama! I love your cupcakes they look so delicious them make my mouth water! Yum yum!

Logan & Margaret said...

I don't know why I have a weird name do you?

Andrea said...

I love that her chocolate bunny is bigger than she is practically! Happy Easter and St. Patrick's Day! And I think Margaret's name is weird because of the & sign. That would be my guess anyway.