Monday, March 1, 2010

No, I’m her favorite…

Dear Grandma Sylvia, thank you for never, ever,  missing a holiday, a birthday, or an opportunity to send your grand babies a little bit of cheer. I’ve looked forward to your cards  all my life, and now I hover in suspense as the great grand babies tear into snail mail from Great Grandma Sylvia, too.

This is for you (I know it’s long, and Alice is slimy, but towards the end he recites an entire poem from “Alice in Lunderland”)(oh yeah, right before the violent ending, sorry about that)

And Happy Birthday Valeri!!! She moved into our neighborhood several months ago and I don’t know how I was surviving without her! Actually, I’m not sure I was… so I made her these cupcakes, Russell helped and then REALLY helped some more when it came time to take some pictures (can you see him? I can SMELL him :)

261  5 10 84 3 11


Andrea said...

Oh, they make me smile! That was the cutest video. Is your camera broken now?? Those cupcakes are making me HUNGRY!!

The Farrell Family said...

Those are so fab cupcakes!