Monday, February 22, 2010

Wicked Awesome

DSC05682 (2)

Two perfect words to describe two perfect weekends! Our Valentine Weekend was spent with Utah friends on the beaches of Sunny California, and the next weekend we spent in Sunny Southern Utah with our other friends who are slightly smaller, but no less fun (see picture above :)

First our California Adventures!!


I even got a group shot! :


oops.. wait, I’m not in that one! Try this one:


See me? No?! Okay, I’ll draw you a diagram


I know. I should do weddings. I’m that good! People love it when pictures are so clever they need instructions to view them. But if you think I’m clever you should have seen them trying to get the pregnant lady down the mountain (right next to the sign that says “no climbing!”)


I also got an excellent picture of a dumb bird dangerously close to the ocean:

6 (2)

And there is a seagull in that picture with Nic, too.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s TOTALLY awesome!

12 11

14 15

p.s. I have about a million of those pictures, you’re lucky I only shared four :)

Oh, and I’m in another picture here:


That’s my shadow! Apparently my shadow is drinking tea at a fancy party while Alice explores salty crevices on her fat white thighs with her fat pink fists!


Have I mentioned Erin is having a baby? I think I may have talked about it, you know, all over my blog, and, oh yeah up there in this very post. Have I mentioned it’s going to be a GIRL?! Oh, and that I’m going to pee my pants over Erin and I going into a very fancy store that sells the cutest most unattainable clothes in the world and they had a dress for Alice that was THIRTEEN dollars and a NEWBORN size to match?! Well, before we get all excited, let’s take a minute to consider what kind of fun Nic is going to have with his new baby girl…


Hahahahaha… I agree with Erin and Alice! Though to be fair, when Alice got tired she just sat down on her sand buried feet like it was a very convenient chair!

And for the record, I still think they should try for that boy in a few years, we sure like ours.


And Boy, oh BOY! It was fun to play with our Palmer friends in St. George this last weekend. I only have one picture because we were moving too fast, but Carly and Alice and I held our own with the six boys, and Carly looked pretty darn stylish doin’ it, too.DSC05682

We work hard and play hard, and mock Nic! Next time you should come! :) Now, I’m going to sleep for a week! Whew!


Erin said...

hehehehe. I'm glad you can find so much joy in teasing Nic too; it really does make life worth living :) I can't even tell you how much we appreciate you and your little hosts and hostesses ever! We had SO much fun and I still get all giggly when I look at that perfect little dress. Oh and did I mention how much I appreciate all the baby stuff? I really, really appreciate it.

Andrea said...

I'm glad that you had such a fun few weekends. And Congratulations on a GIRL Erin!! So exciting. Sorry we missed you when you were in Utah :(

e.m. said...

such a fantastic time. absolutely loved it! it was so fun meeting the 4 of you, you are an outrageously awesome family. probably some of the best hosts i have encountered. thank you for letting us bombard your home and for catering to our every need. we felt so comfortable in your home.

your art is absolutely inspiring, know i would be honored for you to sew anything on my blog. maybe just not my face, or my husbands...cause it could get kinda creepy then.

thank yous until the end.

Stefanie said...


Carly said...

oh I love you my darling, talented, thoughtful, giving, sincere and amazing friend. we had a b l a s t in st. georgie this time. next time I will not be sickie. my boys still talk all about our loungy time, and they just love russell and alice. makes my heart melt.