Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What You’ll Need


construction paper

a glue stick

some markers

kid scissors

And a Kid!

1. Cut out some Fruit and Veggies. I cut the grape shape and Russell cut the grapes and glued them on while I cut and glued most of the other stuff.1

2. Fold a piece of construction paper into 8th’s, unfold it and let the kid cut out the ‘cards’. We needed 18 cards for our game.


3. Draw Your Players (the stick figure pile)


4. Draw your Action! (the star pile)


5. and Draw Your Fruit! (the heart pile)


This is lame fun. At first it was “Russell, Dance to the Carrot!” but I don’t have any rules or instructions for you after that.

We are also unclear if there is any way to win, although if there was, I am sure Jon would already be crying a little bit because, even though he always kicks my butt at Monopoly, I am pretty sure I could wipe up the floor with him if he had to try and be sneaky. He is a lot of things. Sneaky is not one of them.

What I can tell you, is that we have played it inside and outside, with just Russell, or with two of us, or all three of us. We have put them on the floor or we have hidden them all over the house.

In fact the broccoli stayed extra fresh in the fridge last night (oops! :) and Russell is trying to use the cards to teach Alice to say “banana”. She doesn’t care what they are doing as long and he is playing with her. And today, when I was taking pictures, he decided to add emotions to each fruit.

DSC05657 DSC05658


I wonder what that orange is thinking about? Anyway, I thought some of you might really like this game that’s cheap and fun to make and surprisingly really funny to play.


Jared said...

What a darling idea! I bet I could get all my people into this. Very sweet!

Jared said...

Oops--that was Aimee, not Jared!

Stefanie said...

That's awesome :)

Andrea said...

I always knew that oranges contemplated things a lot...
except those clemantine "cuties", they are just a bunch of sweet airheads.

Kat said...

HOW CUTE! I am stealing this! FOr the Valentine's it was a free font called Rage- find it at dafont.com :)