Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines? Okay, but it won’t be pretty…


I don’t know how she does it!!

How does a baby go from the sheer loveliness in the picture below to that TOOTHY Valentine Monster above??


I’m not gonna lie, I am making the Valentine Monster my desktop. It’s so Romantic!

SO! Do you want to see Russell’s Valentine? Because we really want to show you...


We used this picture


bought some little bags and these sugar cookies off of etsy ($10 for EIGHT dozen, very groovy, VERY delicious). Oh yeah, and Russell and I made that Giant Valentine. We love to sit and cut and color and glue together. It’s all rather pathetic and domestic, but it’s when I get the best stories out of him. Like when he tells me about how his little friend James unbuttoned his shirt at school and didn’t have another shirt on underneath and Russell said “I see your BOOB!” and the teacher got mad at him for saying boob, and then we talked about other words for what he could have said instead, but is “I see your Nickels” really better? Really?

So the Valentine was a big hit at school, which is a relief, we made THIRTY of them! And now I would like to present a slideshow of more pictures that just missed the cut, and more of the the Valentine Monster as well.

Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy!

Oh, OH! And so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, you should see this... I present my favorite picture of Alice.



Russell took it!

It's under my arms when I was going to pick her up, and that’s also his big brother finger over the lens :)

Look at how she looks at him! I’m the mom, and it’s my favorite.


Jared said...

this is not jared (please help me fix my computer jon) SPECTACULAR! in every way! i would be tortured by this if i weren't getting to see them TODAY, yay!! thank you for sending, and Hapy Valentines!!! love from grandma sharri

The Farrell Family said...

Super cute Valentines! And that little Valentines Monster is fantastic! :)

Stefanie said...

I love the valentine monster! So cute!

Aimee said...

I don't get to see them today and so I AM tortured! That is hands-down one of the sweetest and most spectacularly beautiful musical montages I have ever seen!! They are the prettiest nephew and niece I ever had!

Andrea said...

Those turned out so cute! And I am now going to call them "nickels". My neighbor Lori's kids call them "milkels", maybe he could use that...
Happy Valentines!!