Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Better Late than Never

(and before another holiday hits!) May I present:

Our Thanksgiving Table!


Russell spent the week before painting and coloring that long piece of printer paper just for this, and I think it looks FAB :) I got 12 big and 12 little of those plates on ebay for around $12 dollars several years ago, I am pretty sure I paid more for shipping than I did for the plates. It was worth it!

The red goblets are a gift from my dad, who got them from his mom, who got them from her… grandmother? Sorry I don’t remember the story, but they are a family tradition that I LOVE.

Jon cooked the turkey, I thought it was only fair since I ‘cooked’ the babies :)


And the Christmas Table in the Jungle! (at my parents)


Who knew a Fabulous Holiday Table could be genetic?


Is it weird that I dream about how I would sew raspberry Jell-O?

It was a GREAT Christmas for this little family who, for the first time in a few years, was finally settled in for a Christmas with no immediate plans to move or sell or pack,

or UN-pack…

to just celebrate! And we did!



And just wait until you see the Valentines that Russell, Alice and I made… Let the 2010 Holiday’s begin!


Carly said...

loooove it. all of it. you and your momma have fab taste. and I can't wait to see those babies soon! love you forever.

Andrea said...

So pretty! I need a bigger table. (That might require a bigger kitchen though.)