Friday, January 29, 2010


This fantastically bizarre and sadly low quality video goes well with an unrelated story.

Monday, when I picked Russell up from school, the teachers told me that earlier Russell had come out the bathroom all dressed up in his birthday suit. Yeah, NAKED! At school.

(incidentally the way Russell tells the next part is pretty funny, he throws his hands up in the air and then wags his finger “My teacher said ‘No, no, NO!! Go back in the bathroom, Russell!!’” Then he explodes into stinky boy giggles…)

Well, I apologized and wondered that Russell did that! I mean, I know he does that here sometimes, about 2 week ago my facebook status was:

“Russell just walked by me buck naked, with a magazine under his arm, a handful of pretzels, and went into the bathroom and closed the door. I feel like I have steered him wrong somewhere.”

I guess it was silly for me to assume he knew better (or at least didn’t have the TIME) to strip down at school! Anyway, we talked about it in the car on the way home, and I was glad it seemed like at least I wouldn't have to look like a trash mom about this particular topic with his teachers again.

Until I picked Russell up from school the next day and they handed me the wadded up pair of underwear he had left in the bathroom the day before, along with his share time and papers for the letter "O"

As in "Oh crap."

And "Oh, how embarrassing."

I’m going to go ahead and give Jon the credit for this one.


kateastrophe said...

That? Is hilarious. And also why I'd like to have just a girl. At least first . . .

Aimee said...

Oh, how Zeke would LOVE to have Russell around for a day--he thinks that's hillarious!! Also, cutest video EVER! I love how Alice is cracking up in the background.

Andrea said...

He is my favorite little boy! The "hills" are alive with the sound of...

Aimee said...

Also I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Russell's "thinking" finger!!!