Friday, December 4, 2009


It was like going to Disneyland with a Rock Star.


(that picture reminds me of a 50’s pin up! A Rock and Roll Cherub :) As if her fat face and Kewpie Doll Mohawk weren’t enough, she went all out "Disney Glam" with a little face paint.


She was very serious when they were putting it on. But not when they showed her the mirror!


We couldn’t walk two feet without people pointing and smiling or saying ‘look at that baby!’ And we were at Disneyland. Where you can look at babies all day long! No big deal, right? She really was a show stopper :)


It might also have something to do with her adorable determination to text message all future teenagers. (don’t worry, the only person she can text so far has been Andrea.)26

So what do a couple of girls free from the boys do with a couple hours at Disneyland?!



No, NOT Buzz Lightyear. We go on It’s a Small World over and over and OVER again until it’s time to go home, that’s what!


And then I take a million pictures after the ride is over but before we get off the boat. And then I make you look at them :) (this section is really best for grandma’s and aunties or you might go into sugar shock from all the sweetness!!!!)(or weirdness…)


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I Think she had a good day, but you’ll have to ask her:


Awe Shucks! She really is my favorite daughter I ever had!


Happy Birthday Miss Pinky-Toothy Alice Jean King!


Andrea said...

OH, Happy Birthday! She can't really be one yet though! Right?! I missed it? I'm sorry... she texted me and everything and I couldn't read those baby words of her's... I am a crapy "aunt"... Hug her extra tight and tickle her "chin two" for me.

Aimee said...

I need insulin after all that tooth-ache inducing sugar! She's my favorite niece I ever had! Kiss, kiss, kiss my little pink-cheeked precious!

Stefanie said...

SO CUTE! Looks like you girls had a great time :)

Tina J O'Keefe said...

She is the CUTEST THING! That picture with her hair in a mohawk and your phone is classic!! And those cheeks!! I could eat her up!