Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Sorry, I’ve been sleeping off the Turkey (and sniffles from this lame cold everyone in my little fam has had for weeks. Ugh.) But we are feeling better and still have some leftovers in the fridge, so we’re GREAT :) But I’ve been slacking here and there are a few things you should know so I’ve made a few posts tonight I will put up over the next few days.

First: I present my little Gladiator!


As those of you on facebook saw when it happened, Russell Smacked his face on a pole in line for the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland!!


7 stitches! Glue on his eye! Haunted Mansion scarier than ever and we didn’t even get inside! And now all he can talk about is how the doctor gave him lego’s. Another benefit of a short attention span :D

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If you ask him about it he will tell you “I was looking at my friend and then I fall down and I was crying!” Poor guy still doesn’t know what hit him! Her name is Mari, and she is pretty cute! I understand his distraction!


He’s feeling much better now, he has had an awesome shiner for days and as we always say “chic’s dig scars”…

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Andrea said...

I am glad that Legos made THAT better. He looks like he battled it out with another suiter for the hand of fair Mari. You should teach him to say "you should see the other guy" when people ask him what happened.